Mayor of Connecticut Suburb Would Fit Right In Among Arizona Politicians

Apparently, Arizona hasn't cornered the market on blatant insensitivity to the Latino community.

In case you missed it, Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. of East Haven, Connecticut shared some thoughts with a reporter who questioned him about how he was going to reach out to the Latino community. He makes the remarks in the wake of the FBI arresting four of his community's police officers for civil rights abuses against Latinos, among other criminal allegations.

We don't quite get why cops that violate the civil rights of Latinos in Connecticut are arrested, while in Arizona, they're just chastised.

Here are some of our favorite video moments of Arizona politicians.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on being linked to the KKK.

Arizona Senator Lori Klein justifying her "go back to Mexico" comments to U.S. citizens.

Senator John McCain on "illegals" causing Arizona's forest fires.

Not so, said forest service officials.

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what a bunch of bigots spweing their hate in public forums  these bigots need to be defeted come the next elections ..we as citizens have a duty to send a messege that we will not condone racism and we can only do that at election time

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