Weed, Cash, Human Smugglers, and Illegal Immigrants Found During DPS Raid of Avondale Drop House

Four alleged human smugglers were arrested last night when the Department of Public Safety busted up a drop house in Avondale.

Also found inside the home was weed, cash, and 19 illegal immigrants -- many of whom have been arrested before for crimes like drug possession, weapons misconduct, child abuse, crimes against children, and even murder -- the DPS says.

Many of the victims suffered injuries at the hands of their captors that required medical attention.

The DPS raided the house, at 10938 West Locust Street in Avondale, about 7 p.m. yesterday.

As the DPS' Special Operations Unit entered the house, several suspects were seen trying to flee -- some even went crashing through a window in the master bedroom of the house, "severely" cutting themselves.

Inside the home, DPS agents found 15.5 pounds of marijuana and $1,000 in cash.

The alleged smugglers took the 19 illegal immigrants' belongings, and kept them in a boarded up room.

Several of the victims were beaten by the smugglers with a curtain rod, wooden sticks, and pistols as punishment for not paying the extortion fee, the agency says.

The suspects have been identified as Manuel Castro, 29, Anslemo Mancinas, 29, Enrique Alfredo Perez, 20, and Ivan Rodriquez, 29. All of the suspects -- and victims -- are Mexican nationals.

The 19 illegal immigrants were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The alleged smugglers were booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on charges including kidnapping, aggravated assault, human smuggling, and armed robbery.

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We prefer the term "Suprise Guests". If you don't offer up your house to them, you are a racist. If that doesn't seem logical to you, you are a racist.

Dave Francis
Dave Francis

Illegal Immigration is vastly becoming a war of--THEM and US--whichis an invasion of people who came here to steal jobs, with the collusion ofnationwide businesses. Every part of this country is saturated with a patchworkof illegal foreign neighborhoods. Scores came here under false pretenses,smuggling unborn babies to take advantage of laws forced upon Americans by theblack robe activists in the courts. Judges have mishandled the 14th amendment,by allowing every expectant Mother who lies of their intention to enter ourcountry, whether as a tourist, student or here on a business venture. Thesefetus carrying females are fully aware that if they can get a foot on to oursoil, whatever the reason they have immediate access to free--FREE HEALTHTREATMENTS, WHICH TAXPAYERS HAVE TO PAY. THEN THE CHILD GROWS UP AND BILLIONS OFMORE DOLLARS ARE APPROPRIATED BY THE IRS, TO PAY FOR THE EDUCATION OF CHILDRENOF ILLEGAL PARENTS.



This is unerringly the same circumstances on the U.S.Border, that a woman with a child can get free medical care. But for Americans--forgetit, you will be hunted forever for unpaid bills, unless you are under thepoverty level. But the 20 million, perhaps even 25 million already existinghere, don't pay a penny. All the time I hear that these people who slip pastagents at the border, or managed to deceive trained inspectors at other portsof entry, including airline arrivals. They get immediate assistance from thewelfare departments as they are well versed in law and where to procure forgedID’s.

H.R.140, titled the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011, was introduced on Jan5. 2011, by Rep. Steve King a Republican of Iowa.. As of last month, the billhad 80 co-sponsors. While its companion bill S.723 was read twice in the Senateand referred to the Committee. On April 2011, H.R.140 was referred to the HouseJudiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement; January 24, 2011where it gather Congressional dust without further action. The bill does not needamendment of the Constitution but rather Section 301 of the Immigration andNationality Act is to explain those classes of individuals born in the UnitedStates who are considered nationals and citizens of the United States at birth. THIS ISSUE NEEDS THE URGENT PRO-ILLEGALIMMIGRANT, PATRIOTIC AMERICAN ATTENTION, AS THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST COSTLYEXPENSES BORN BY TAXPAYERS. The Birthright Citizenship Act amendsthe Immigration and Nationality Act to clarify a person born in the UnitedStates "subject to the jurisdiction" of the United States forcitizenship at birth if the person is born in the United States of parents, oneof whom is: (1) a U.S. citizen or national, (2) a lawful permanent residentalien whose residence is in the United States, or (3) an alien performingactive service in the U.S. Armed Forces.


Lamar Smith's (R-TX) ‘THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT' is also a zero-tolerance bill, that if past can outlaw illegal aliensfrom the workplace. Businesses that are violation of the law will be auditedand the owners harshly fined and even sent to prison. It is better recognizedby hundreds of thousands of candid companies that E-Verify will red flagillegal aliens, opening payroll jobs for lawful residents and thecitizenry.  E-Verify is a progressive disincentive that is beingcontinuously upgraded by the Homeland Security and ICE.  Just like H.R.140,titled the Birthright Citizenship Act, E-Verify ‘THE LEGALWORKFORCE ACT', H.R. 2885, is a innovation to stop this travesty ofour immigration laws?

Today with the failure of the numerous administrations to construct the real2006 Secure fence, consisting of two fences with a wide expanse in between forthe movement of rapid interdiction of Drug, weapons and the massive influx ofillegal migrants. What is already been built is still incomplete and droves ofillegal aliens cross, including terrorist who are impersonating Mexicanindividuals. Neither the 1986 Immigration nor its 1974 version of these lawsafter enactment were enforced. The 1986 Immigration reform and Control Act wasrife with fraud, and both laws have been neglected and abused. One huge lieplayed on the US taxpayer by politicians, who sold their souls to the hugeabhorrent special interest lobbyists and open border radical entities.

Currently it needs serious action by all patriotic Americans. This can be done by the voter contactingWashington 202-224-3121 and giving your name, address to the political aid andinsisting your representative in the Senate-House uphold the law and co-sponsorboth laws. More and more legislators are moving to co-sponsor both laws, tobegin enforcement by Attrition, or self deportation, as jobs beingcommandeered by illegal aliens are returned to therightful American workers.  The website of NumbersUSA can be Google’d,where you can send free faxes and read in detail about the corruption at thehighest levels of federal and state government.



Right now, a bunch of polling firms and news media have usedthis as a chance to do polls that manipulate questions in a way to seem to showthat most Americans want most illegal aliens to stay, showing that pro-amnestydoesn't hurt a candidate and causing rumblings through Congress that maybe itdoes make sense to reconsider amnesty over the next couple of years, after all.The pollsters are doing this with the Big Trick of never offering voters anoption of Attrition through Enforcement (forcing them to choose either massdeportations or mass legalization).

In short, Mr. Gingrich has revived the whole national debate on amnesty whichhad been essentially dead after you/we defeated the DREAM amnesty lastDecember. Any chance for amnesty votes was essentially dead until Gingrichrevived the idea. Whatever you may think of presidential candidate NewtGingrich or his recently announced legalization plan, the fact that he hasbroken the 4-year Republican taboo against amnesty has unleashed pro-amnestyefforts everywhere. Any mass amnesty will ignite CHAIN MIGRATION that will bemore billions of dollars, taken from your taxes. Gingrich amnesty calculated by‘The Heritage Foundation’ could cost us $2.3 Trillion dollars, that is notincluding CHAIN MIGRATION of following family members and further attractingeven million more to these shores or through borders—adding even more—POVERTY--to American low income bread lines we have now. This is Dire Poverty unseensince the Great Depression of 1929? This country is broke, from corruption,attributed to both political parties and we are facing a upward spike in the 15Trillion dollars we have already.


Attn: Keep an eye on Democrats as theyare intentionally pushing non-citizens to vote in all coming elections, thatincludes the 2011 presidential. They are also trying to change electoral laws,so you can register and immediately vote, using groups like the fraudulentcanvassing of the ACORN group, that’s reappeared under another name.Additionally the Left is introducing legislation, so you don't even need apicture ID; this to me is as close to fraud as you can get?


In conclusion, insist that Obama andhis cronies expedite the ‘Keystone’ pipeline, as it will bring cheap oil intoAmerica and less need of petroleum from unfriendly countries. Its installationfrom Canada to Texas will require the hiring of 20.000 US Workers. Unless thepresent administration gets its finger out, our Northern neighbor will quitepossibly sell this commodity to Communist China. Use the phone number above andtell the Democrats in Washington to do something for Americans.


Aaaahhh Yes, these are Fine Examples of ILLEGAL Aliens that the Leftist Liberals and "Advocates" defend with every breath...!!!---And I Am ever sooooo glad that obummer, & nappie Insist that the border is Now Secure...!!!!!!!!

numbersUSA.org--Join If You want an End to:  *Birthright Citizenship*...duh!!!


Illegals mistreating illegals? Where is the public outcry from you open border folks?

This represents the dirty laundry you lefties don't want to hear. Trouble is, it's happening all the time.

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