Total Ban on Cell Phones While Driving: Safety Precaution or Nanny-State-ism

The National Transportation Safety Board announced yesterday that it's now urging all states to impose total bans on people using cell phones while driving.

The board determined texting, sexting, emailing, chatting -- whatever -- is too dangerous to do while driving a vehicle.

The recommendation includes exceptions for emergencies and devices that aid in driver safety, like GPS devices.

Several states already have banned texting while driving, and a complete ban on cell phone use, NTSB chairman Deborah Hersman acknowledges, is not expected to be a popular move in a society that's become accustomed to chatting on the phone as they speed down the road.

"We're not here to win a popularity contest," she tells the Associated Press. "No email, no text, no update, no call is worth a human life."

We want to know what you think: is a total ban on cell phone use while driving a good idea, or just the federal government's latest attempt at nanny-state-ism?

Cast your vote below.

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Seedy Ward
Seedy Ward

Driving on a cell phone is reckless driving and should be treated as such.


The enforcement is easy. IF you are in an accident while using your cell phone, you automatically go to prison for 5 years with NO parole and you cannot have access for 10 years. That will make the asshats think more carefully about when they use their cell phones. Also if they really want to crack down on it, look for the asshats that don't use their turn signals when they change lanes, and/or are driving 15 MPH under the speed limit.

There have been to many deaths already... MythBusters did a special on driving and cell phones and they all did better when they were drunk then when they were talking on their cell phones.

Mene Tekel
Mene Tekel

You know, heavy punishments like that don't really seem to fit the crime. If you cause an accident and kill someone, regardless of whether you were on the phone or not, you'll be charged with manslaughter. Perhaps we don't need extra, excessive laws. But Jesus Christ, you're real into punishing people. Does that translate into the bedroom at all for you, cuz I got some old whips and handcuffs I'm not using anymore. I'll give them to you real cheap, no questions asked.


what does what I do in the bedroom have to do with not liking murderers?

Excessive laws? Really? What about a world where I can drive down the road and not HAVE to worry about some jackass running into me because they are talking on their cell phone?

And btw they do, because running into someone while not paying attention is reckless driving, and should bump up manslaughter to murder charges instead.

David Saint
David Saint

good idea, good luck enforcing it though...cell phone companies will just come out with a smaller blue tooth or something to make it less noticable, and people will just continue doing it anyways. 

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