Sergeant Sean Drenth Death a Suicide?

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The County Medical Examiner determined that Phoenix Sergeant Sean Drenth committed suicide. Phoenix police aren't as convinced.
The Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office today will issue its official ruling in the October 2010 shooting death of Phoenix Sergeant Sean Drenth.

As we reported last night, the ME's Office has ruled that the death was a suicide -- despite multiple lingering questions about the shooting.

The Phoenix Police Department doesn't seem entirely sold on the idea that Drenth took his own life -- the P.P.D. will continue to consider the case a "death unknown," and is leaving the case open.

"Because there are still several unanswered questions from the scene...unexplained DNA, unexplained shoe prints, location of firearms, the original police report will remain titled a 'death unknown' until these questions are satisfactorily explained to our investigators," Phoenix Sergeant Trent Crump said at a media briefing last night.

Get all the bizarre details of Drenth's death here.

Drenth's family rejects the idea that he killed himself, telling various media outlets the sergeant had no reason to kill himself.

"There's a cop killer out there," Diane Drenth, Sean's mother, told ABC15 in a September interview.

We want to know what you think: do you buy the ME's ruling that Drenth killed himself?

Cast your vote below.

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I do not know enough about this case to know for sure. There are so many questions, I am not sure of anything. I voted too many questions need to be answered.

I will not however disagree with the ME's either tho. Because once again too many questions left unanswered.


I love how the So.Mtn. "pay for no-security services" nitwits got off scott free and now they claim this officer committed suicide.   How neat and tidy for the cheats on our police force who were gaming the system.  I'm guessing this officer was killed because he actually had a sense of honor. 


At some point in time, the ME will provide his justification for his conclusion that it was a suicide, which will be based on the weakest information developed in this case.  The ruling was made with total disregard of the known evidence that would make the case a full blown homicide.   


As a rule, when investigating a homicide......You go with what you got!  In the Drenth case, "What you got" is a clear cut homicide.  The only elements of suicide in this case are (1) Sgt. Drenth was shot with his own weapon which was at the scene and (2)  it was a contact entrance wound, neither of which being conclusive for suicide.  All other evidence, collected and /or photographed, strongly suggest it was a homicide.  The only way the case will be solved, not as to whether it's a homicide or suicide, but as a homicide, is to discard possibilities, as all things are possible, and go with PROBABILITIES.  

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