Phoenix Officials Must Release Portions of Mayor Phil Gordon's Security-Detail Logs, Court of Appeals Rules

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Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon
Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, who only has about a week left in office, may be forced to release security-detail logs that track two years' worth of his movements.

The Arizona Court of Appeals reversed a ruling by a Maricopa County Superior Court Judge John Rea that protected those logs from being made public on the basis they contained confidential and security-related information.

The city has been in and out of court since May 2010 fighting to keep private the logs maintained by Gordon's security detail, a team of four Phoenix police officers.

The documents, created by the security detail, note how Gordon spent his days -- and who he spent them with -- while he was being shadowed by his taxpayer-funded bodyguards.

The latest legal opinion stems from a court battle Judicial Watch, a conservative think-tank based in Washington, D.C., initiated on May 2010 when it filed a complaint asking the Maricopa County Superior Court to compel Phoenix officials to produce the logs from December 30, 2007 to December 11, 2009 for inspection.

The lower court ruled that Phoenix didn't have to release the security-detail logs.

In reversing that decision, the appellate court said the judge erred in his ruling, in part, and directed city officials to redact confidential and security-related information from the logs and release the remaining information.

In another adverse ruling for Phoenix, the Court of Appeals judges upheld Judge Rea's ruling that the city "failed to demonstrate that the Mayor's privacy interest outweighs the public's interest" when it comes to inspecting the logs his security detail maintained for several years.
Phoenix city attorneys are still reviewing court documents and have not made any decisions on what steps they will next take, a city spokesman tells New Times.

A legal representative for the city was not available today to discuss how much money the city has spent in legal fees protecting Gordon's security-detail logs, or whether the city will continue defending him and the more than two-year old documents after he leaves office on January 3.

Read the Court of Appeals' entire opinion.

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Drag Nut
Drag Nut

That Jew boy is plug fucking fugly ugly. how could any women love that face? oh yea I forgot he has lots of money thats why. money buys ugly clean cut short haired yuppie guys pretty women. if he didnt have money and fame he would be womenless and lonely.


Who the heck would want to be mayor if your every movement for 2+ years would be released to the public?  I'm no Gordon fan... but, please.  


With only one more week in office to go for Gordon I'm surprised Mullany doesn't have a new boyfriend.  But what am I thinking Stanton is already married.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

They'll be a bunch of black marks on a white sheet of paper, that's all.


Im womanless & alone, what are you gettin at? haha


You don't get it! These logs are from the travels of his security detail. They pick him up and drive his lame ass around town. To public events he does in the capacity of mayor and to take care of private stuff that you and me must buy gas and a car to handle. They drove him even to his girlfriend's house and waited around for him to do who knows what? and they even picked up his girlfriend and took her places. The public has a right to know how this highly paid bunch of cops spends their time doing the mayor's personal business, and what personal business they are attending to for him -- all this hankypanky was done on the taxpayers' dime. This detail probably costs the public millions to deploy. and he refuses to release the travel logs. outrageous!!!

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