Phoenix Employees Raise $1 Million for Valley Non-Profit Organizations

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It's been a tough year for Phoenix city employees -- from enduring false claims by politicos they are bilking the city with their average compensation at $100,000 to being vilified in the 2011 mayoral election, accused of bleeding taxpayers with their inflated salaries and bloated benefits.

Despite it all, city employees have proven that they care about the community they live in by raising $1 million through payroll deductions and various department fundraisers ranging from bake sales to golf tournaments to a "jet pull" at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Over the past 10 years, Phoenix employees have raised more than $13.5 million during their annual Community Service Fund Drive -- even as some, namely Councilman Sal DiCiccio, are screeching about what a financial drain they are on the community.
The money goes to Valley of the Sun United Way and other nonprofit organization.

"The generous donations of city employees help our youth, increase the financial security of working families, end hunger and homelessness, and so much more," Phoenix City Manager David Cavazos says in a press release.

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R_U Serious1105
R_U Serious1105

I never thought these words would ever come from me but, I am proud of the New Times for having the guts to even print a story like this. That is a branch not many others in the Valley Media would follow you out on.  Thank you Monica Alonzo for putting a very human face to the great people that work in this City.  I would also like to know if slippery Sal contributed anything.  Now there is a story!

Sal would probably spin this into "as much as the unions bring in the employees in Phoenix, they should have contributed more."  What a tool!

Laine Seaton
Laine Seaton

This is so generous of City employees, especially in this climate. Our group, the Environmental Fund for Arizona, is one of the recipient charities in the CSFD, and the folks at the City have been wonderful to us. We so appreciate their commitment to sustainability for the community.


It's about time someone recognizes what we do as employees. To be fair, this is only a snapshot of all we do to give back to the community. The firefighters give an additional 1million through their charities per year and every dollar goes back to the community. We build free pool fences to prevent kids from drowning, coats for kids, Fill the Boot for MDA, read across america, coach youth sports, and so much more. Can someone help me understand what Sal has done?


Good job City employees! I wonder if Sal contributed anything?

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