Loretta Barkell, Former Financial Officer Under Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Was Convinced Her Office Was Bugged

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Image: Channel 12 News screen shot
Loretta Barkell, seen here in a May interview with Channel 12 News, was convinced her superiors had bugged her office, newly released records show.

Newly released records show a top Arpaio official was convinced her superiors had bugged her office.

County observers may recall that Arpaio and his go-to guy, former Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott, wanted County Supervisor Andy Kunasek prosecuted for sweeping county offices for listening devices, claiming Kunasek had wasted taxapayer money.

Yet these same lawmen were apparently eavesdropping on their own chief financial officer, the now-retired Loretta Barkell.

Her account of the matter implies that she had long suspected as much. Then, in late 2010, came her "confirmation."

About a week after giving some advice in her office to Deputy Chief Frank Munnelll, the man who blew the whistle on corruption in the upper echelons of the department, she found herself called in for a meeting with Arpaio, Hendershott, and MCSO legal counsel Jack MacIntyre.

During an investigation of Munnell's allegations, Barkell related how Hendershott -- in front of Arpaio and MacIntyre -- proceeded to "ream me up one side and down the other."

Here's the part that caught our attention:

Um, and this was the first time that I actually had confirmation that my office was
bugged. Because [Hendershott] repeated back to me exactly a sentence I
had said to Frank. And that he was meeting with me under advice of
counsel to let me know what I had done was wrong and that I had betrayed
the sheriff. I said I didn't see it that way. I had an employee ask me a
question as the person over HR and I informed that employee of their

Hendershott was "kind of frothing" as he spouted off, while Arpaio "said nothing," according to Barkell. MacIntyre,
meanwhile, "tried to interject and [Hendershott] cut him off."

The internal investigation of Arpaio's command staff, conducted at Arpaio's request by political ally Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, scapegoated Hendershott for much of the unethical behavior and potential crimes found to have occurred on Arpaio's watch.

fired Hendershott and another top aide, Larry Black, after Babeu's
report was released in May, then graciously allowed them to resign.

After Barkell retired, she made headlines in May when she announced how she'd told the sheriff that his office was using a voter-approved jail-tax fund illegally but did nothing. County Supervisors believe about $100 million was misspent and over the summer launched plans to ensure oversight of the fund.

UPDATE: Just got off the phone with MacIntyre.

He has no reason to think Barkell's office was bugged, he says, although he'd heard that she'd suspected it was.

He'd had many conversations with her in her office about various problems, he says, and she had always seemed "forthcoming" -- which he wouldn't expect if she thought someone was listening.

MacIntyre remembers being pulled in to the impromptu meeting by Hendershott, who said he needed MacIntyre as a "witness."

"He was pretty much yelling at Loretta, and I had no idea what was going on," he says.

As he recalls, Barkell had told Deputy Chief Ray Churay about her conversation with Munnell, and that's where Hendershott had heard about it.

We couldn't reach Barkell for more info.

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You misspelled Munnell...




Why am I not surprised by this LATEST round of MCSO shurf BS?

Of course Henderblimp had Barkell's office bugged. She was helping the feds and the state in their multiple investigations into the MCSO/MCSO shurf/Hendy BS


Wow! Arpaio thinks he is behond our laws!! Good news is there is Help for Families in Foreclosure! http://www.stop-the-bank-save-... Have the sale of your home stopped! Stay in your home! Work done then you pay! No one gets scammed here! 100% Legal in all 50 states! Strategies known to the rich! We all can use NOW!! Banks and currupt officials will Fall in 2012! We the People will overcome!!! OCCUPY JOE ARPAIO!!!


MacInWeasel is a worthless lying dirtbag.

They know first hand how to plant bugs and taps phones. They tapped my phone and planted a bug in my house. 

Native Guns
Native Guns

Burkell: "ream me up one side and down the other."

Sounds pretty bad. Almost like a rape scene. But nonetheless, she came forward to tell the truth about how corrupt ex-disgraced MCSO top dawg--Jabba the Hendershott and arpaio was, misusing the jail enhancement funds. Isn't this bad enough for the F.B.I. to step in?


Interesting. Thanks for the story, Mr. Stern.

Not Surprised
Not Surprised

Just Arpaio's and Hendershott's egomania, arrogance and paranoia alone make eavesdropping a given. 

And how often is it that politicians who are screaming mimi about someone doing something wrong/unethical are then found to have been doing the exact same thing along with something worse?!!!  (Pearce comes to mind "outside influences" "anarchists" when he's the one who accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from outside LD18 and Arizona, and he's the one who wrote his anarchy bill SB1433 to "nullify" federal laws, and then there's Newt.....)

I can't imagine working in such a politically dangerous environment as the SO.  No doubt there are still a lot of corrupt people working there.  No doubt there are still some decent people suffering, trying to do their job and stay out of the crossfires.

We can fix this.  We can replace Arpaio with a competent professional law enforcement manager and leader.



you would think so. What dirt on the feds does the Jokester have?


I'm surprised there hasn't been a peep out of Stauffer the past couple weeks while the crap has been hitting the fan with Arpaio....


I believe the situation is so dynamic and changing that if Stauffer makes a point, Arpaio has the opportunity to flank him and null the point.  Better to let Arpaio chart his course and start taking action or not taking action and then attack in a way that Arpaio can't easily back peddle.  Your adversary's momentum is a wonderful thing because he can be used against them as well.


If Shurf Joe's doing a fine job burying himself, there's no reason to interrupt him. I think Stauffer's very wise.


Wise Native American proverb ... and I am paraphrasing here... When dung hitting fan it is wise to stand clear.  And the reason is two-fold... to keep dung off one's self and to see where dung sticks.

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