Kevin Sumlin as New ASU Football Coach: Yay or Nay?

Kevin Sumlin in maroon and gold?
Arizona State University reportedly has offered University of Houston football coach Kevin Sumlin the head coach position that opened up when soon-to-be former coach Dennis Erickson was given the boot earlier this week.

KTAR broke the story about the offer, and reports that the university is ready to cough up nearly $2.5 million a year to land Sumlin. Erickson was paid a hefty $1.5 million by the Sun Devils this year, with mediocre results.

Sumlin is one of the hotter coaches in college football these days, and he's reportedly also getting courted by Penn State and UCLA.

ASU claims it's yet to offer Sumlin any deal, but it seems the Sun Devils would be foolish not to.

We want to know what you think, though -- Kevin Sumlin a Sun Devil: yay or nay?

Cast your vote below.

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Rex Reason
Rex Reason

ASU should've tried harder for Leach.

That guy will make WSU into a Pac12 power. He has the QB already.


If I wanted someone that looks like Obama's twin to coach ASU, I would hire Obama hissef. Let me be the first to call for his firing. I just did. I am the first.


Sumlin will be going to T A&M. That job is much better than working for Lisa Love and Micheal Crow.

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