Jose Olmos Breaks Into Apartment Office to Steal Drill and Look at Porn

Jose Jesse Olmos
Here's what we know: 38-year-old Jose Jesse Olmos broke into an office at the Mesa apartment complex where he lives, stole a power drill, and looked at porn on a computer in the office -- as captured on the office's surveillance camera.

What we -- and, more importantly, people who work in the office -- don't know is what Olmos was doing while looking at the porn (he conveniently turned the surveillance camera upside down while viewing the porn so it couldn't record whatever it was he was doing) and we won't venture to guess.

According to court records obtained by New Times, on November 6, Mesa police responded to a burglary call at the office of the Sunrise Manor Apartments at 1107 East University Drive in Mesa two days earlier, on November 4.

The manager of the apartment complex told police that when he went to the office on November 5, a drill, a power washer, and his jacket were missing. He also told police a pornographic website was on his computer.

Police viewed the surveillance footage and watched as a man kicked in the office door about 6:30 p.m. on November 4, go inside and walk around a bit before leaving.

A few minutes later, the man returned, sat down at the desk, and turned on the computer. He was seen browsing several websites before he noticed the surveillance camera, which he then turned upside down so it couldn't capture whatever it was he did next.

Because the camera was flipped upside down, it didn't get any footage of the suspect stealing anything, or see him leave.

Detectives reviewed the footage and noticed the words "JPCI Services" written on the back of the suspect's shirt.

Authorities Google searched JPCI Services and discovered it was a business located at 4702 East Virginia Street in Mesa.

Detectives contacted the business and showed them surveillance photos from the burglary. An employee identified the man in the photos as Olmos, who worked for the company. His employment records indicated that Olmos lives in the apartment complex where the burglary took place.

On Thursday, police paid a visit to Olmos' home, where -- after being read his Miranda warning -- admitted to breaking into the office. He copped to using the office computer to look at porn, and admitted to stealing the drill.

Olmos, however, denied stealing the pressure washer and jacket.

Olmos told police he broke into the office because he was mad about money the apartment complex said he owed.

Olmos was hit with one count each of burglary and criminal damage.   

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Ayyye que hott! I wish I was there to see.all the action...


this guy is more proof to never trust a clean cut short haired male.  they use that clean cut look to fool you into thinking they are good guys.

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