Jack Hegarty, Demoted Highway Patrol Chief, Under Investigation for Use of Baseball Tickets Following Picture Taken of Him at Game

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hegarty dps file photo 1.JPG
Image: AZ DPS
Jack Hegarty

Jack Hegarty, the former boss of the Arizona Highway Patrol who was demoted in October, is being investigated for an allegedly unethical use of baseball tickets, the state Department of Public Safety confirmed today.

The probe was spurred by a photograph (see below) of Hegarty and another DPS officer, Tim Mason, sitting at a ball game this year in San Diego. We can't tell you at this point whether New Times' publication of the picture in October had anything to do with it, or if the agency knew of the picture before it was published. It was taken from a TV broadcast after Hegarty and Mason were seen displayed prominently on an overhead screen at the game, and later given to New Times by a source.

The Phoenix Police Department is handling the investigation for DPS.

Sources say the baseball tickets were owned by trucking industry interests. Hegarty has long worked with DPS' commercial vehicle enforcement efforts, which means investigators are likely looking at a possible conflict of interest.

hegarty and mason baseball.JPG
Jack Hegarty, a top official with DPS, came under investigation for an alleged ethics violation after New Times published this photo in October of Hegarty and another DPS officer at a baseball game.

Hegarty was DPS Director Robert Halliday's No. 2 man until the demotion
that followed complaints by officers about his management style. His rank was lowered from lieutenant colonel to captain.

Hegarty and Mason (who's also apparently being probed) remain on the job as the investigation continues, says DPS spokesman Bart Graves.
We'll try to get you more details on this investigation when we can.

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I hear they were clears of wrong doing.

Amanda Bears
Amanda Bears

The one in the black shirt is my big brother... haha well, looks like crime runs in our family after all! 

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

I suppose it could have been worse. The two DPS guys might have been caught on the "kiss cam"...

KInda like the Rump Rangers from MCSO...


This guy is probably being framed by DOJ for trying to enforce the laws or keep guns out of the hands of the Mexican drug cartels.


Come on, guys.  Just because you don't like the guy doesn't mean you have to keep PhotoShopping his eyes to make him look crazy.


Gawd, how did Al Bundy get a DPS job?

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