Glendale Official Gets Pay Raise, Allowed to Telecommute -- From Home in Mississippi

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Glendale Human Resources Director Alma Carmicle got a bonus and a bump in pay -- at a time when wages were frozen for employees citywide -- and was allowed to remain on Glendale's payroll even though she and her family moved to Mississippi.

The Arizona Republic reported that Carmicle "received a nearly $14,000 bonus last year, and a nearly 8.6 percent salary increase to $151,111 this July. A month later, Alma Carmicle began telecommuting from her new home in Mississippi, working by phone and e-mail when she isn't on a return visit to Glendale."

Sure, telecommuting has its advantages, including a positive impact on the environment, but managing human-resources responsibilities from more than 1,500 miles away ...?

In the story, the Republic says Mayor Elaine Scruggs was "surprised" to learn about the arrangement between Carmicle and City Manager Ed Beasley, who recently, if not quietly, announced his retirement

"It is a rather astounding arrangement as far as I am concerned. Perhaps there is a sound reason for Ms. Carmicle being given the opportunity to work from another state and I look forward to hearing what that is," Scruggs tells the daily.

We're sure the rest of the employees and Glendale taxpayers are also interested in learning more about that "sound reason" for such a generous pay increase and work arrangement for one of the city's top officials.

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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Arrest the human resources director and the ex-city manager for conspiracy to commit fraud against the city of Glendale.   Do it.   For once, do the right thing and stop letting people like this off the hook.    Just because Ed Beasley is gone doesn't mean he can't be held accountable.    And the gall of Alma honey to take that money and phone in her duties.


This is exactly the shit that gives all government employees a bad name.  It's all those at the top who consistently abuse their positions as civil servants. 


Alma is spanish for soul. When combined with Carmicle, it is an idiom for either black affirmative action lady, or white whore of the city manager, depending on usage.


That's OK.  Glendale gets money from the low-income residents by shutting off their water at least once per quarter and calling them liars when they insist that they had made arrangements to pay once their checks come in.  Last month they made at least $270 on my little block alone.  Multiply that by all the little blocks there are and they make lots marginalizing the already poor.  Then of course when companies like APS comes in and demands that all low-income customers pay a $690 "deposit" on accounts of many years standing because they are "high-risk" - not because they don't pay but because they CAN'T pay until their check comes in and not before.  By refusing to adapt their bill cycle to when they damn well know people get their checks, APS creates high-risk customers and after they have destroyed so many Christmas's and cost so many their homes, the city comes in and sweeps up too.  Glendale does not need it's employees to give it a bad name - they do it their own selves by doing their own damn redlining and not protecting citizens from predatory capitalists like APS.  What are they doing with the millions they got from those mandatory $690 deposits I wonder?

I tell you what - the employees that have to do the turn-on are scared.  Real scared.  I don't blame them.  They take their life in their hands everyday thanks to the city & APS.  They should get hazard pay.  And I hope they all have good life insurance policies to cover their families - well she ******T - can't count on those predators to honor their contracts either.

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