Donna Diaz's Boyfriend Accused Her of Cheating -- So She Shot Him Three Times

Mesa Police Department
Donna Diaz
A Mesa woman has been charged with second-degree murder after admitting to police that she fatally shot her boyfriend after he accused her of infidelity.

Police say Donna Diaz called police about 11 p.m. yesterday to report that she shot her boyfriend, Thomas Mark Wakeman, three times after he accused her of cheating on him.

Diaz told the cops she and Wakeman -- whom she'd previously filed an order of protection against -- were drinking at a bar near her Mesa home yesterday afternoon. The two returned home, where Diaz fell asleep.

When Diaz woke up, she found Wakeman looking through her cell phone. He then accused of her having an affair.

Wakeman, Diaz claims, dragged her by her ankles out of her bed and began verbally assaulting her. Wakeman dragged her into the kitchen twice -- each time Diaz would escape to a closet to hide from her angry boyfriend, only to have him drag her back into the kitchen.

After the second dragging, Diaz retrieved a pistol from the closet.

Diaz then confronted Wakeman as he sat on a couch in the living room. She says as she approached him with the gun, he continued to verbally assault her. Then, Diaz claims, the gun went off, hitting Wakeman in the chest.

"You shot me," Diaz claims Wakeman yelled before he approached her again. She then shot him one more time, she claims -- although, Wakeman was shot a total of three times.

Police say evidence of a struggle was present inside the home, but not as violent a struggle as Diaz described. Police also noticed very minor injuries to Diaz ( a few scrapes), which were inconsistent with her story, police say.

Diaz was booked on one count of second-degree murder.

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