Sword-Wielding Wife Pamela Haas' Charges Dropped for Now; Stabbed Hubby's Arm During Squabble

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double sword chandler suspect.jpg
Pamela Haas used this sword to stab her husband on November 13 during a squabble, Chandler police say. For now, charges against her have been dropped.

Prosecutors have decided not to pursue charges for now against Pamela Haas, the 63-year-old Chandler woman who sliced her husband's arm with a two-foot-long sword.

Both Pamela and her husband, Louis, agree that she took the sword from a wall mounting on November 13 and cut him with it, leaving a one-inch-deep gouge.

But Pamela Haas told police that the stabbing had been preceded by a fight in which her husband attacked her in their computer room, punching her in the head and stomach.


haas pamela sword suspect.JPG
Pamela Haas
Cops found red marks on the woman's stomach and blood in the computer room, even though Louis Haas had claimed the incident had occurred in the bedroom. Still, they arrested Pamela, booked her into the county jail for a few hours and confiscated the wicked-looking weapon.

Maybe they should stay away from the Renaissance Festival this year.

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Somewhere, a LARP'er is missing his "+2 dagger of stabbity".


LoL, well, I hope that they decide that a divorce is in order!

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