Mormons: A Shallow Yet Helpful Guide to See if You Should Hate Them or Not

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Just got done reading a hilarious take on Mormon history written by Pete Kotz and posted over at our sister paper in Denver, the Westword.

Colorado doesn't know Mormons like we do, so we figure the piece should go over well here, too. He's got over 500 comments on it, which ain't bad.

We'll post some real news after we get done cleaning up the coffee this article caused to be spewed from our mouth.

So, whether you already know a few things about Joe Smith and the Golden Plates or not, check out Kotz's "Mormons: A Shallow Yet Helpful Guide to See if You Should Hate Them or Not."

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One thing I've never understood... if gays can suck dogs or whatever it is they do, why can't mormons marry more than one woman? Seems reasonable. At least it isn't as weird as the gay thing.


If we all rejected religions just because they are batshit crazy, we would have no religion at all. I'm not necessarily saying that's a bad thing.

David Ferriman
David Ferriman

The federal government used the polygamy issue to control the Church back in the day. They literally came in and took over all of the Church's assets. Utah is the only state in the union that requires federal approval to change their laws on marriage. Even if they wanted to let gays marry in Utah, they couldn't without the federal government's permission.

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