Mayor Greg Stanton? Early Results Show Stanton Leads Over Wes Gullett

Categories: Election 2011
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Greg Stanton wins mayor's race in Phoenix, early results show
More than 74,000 Phoenix voters cast their ballot for Greg Stanton for mayor, giving him about 56 percent of the vote, according to early results.

About 132,000 people cast votes, and of those, nearly 58,000 picked Gullett.

While it is likely a done deal for Stanton, Phoenix election officials note that these are "unofficial results" that "include the majority of early ballots received by Saturday, and ballots cast at voting centers on Saturday and Monday.

They will post one more Election Night update after all ballots from the voting centers are received and tabulated.

City of Phoenix is reporting the following early results:
WES GULLETT        57,871     43.68%
GREG STANTON     74,616     56.32%
Total                        132,487     100.00%

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