Mario Powers Accused of Throwing Infant After Beating Up -- and Spitting On -- His Baby-Mama

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Mario Powers
When Mario Powers went to the apartment of his baby-mama last month, he saw her talking with other guys. So, he beat her up as she was holding the couple's 6-month-old daughter -- but that was only before throwing the infant at the woman.

According to court records obtained by New Times, Powers went to his baby-mama' Avondale apartment on September 10 and saw her talking with other men. He then started punching her in the face.

The victim ran outside to get away from Powers, but he followed her and continued to punch her.

In the middle of the beating, Powers went into the apartment and picked up his infant daughter. He brought the girl outside and, while swinging her by one arm, threw the girl at the victim.

Luckily, Powers' baby-mama was able to catch the infant before she hit the ground, but the baby wasn't out of harms way yet -- Powers continued to beat the victim as she was holding the young girl.

Neighbors came outside to see what was going on and witnessed Powers beating the woman as she clung to her baby.

When Powers noticed the neighbors watching him beat the mother of his child, he ran to a nearby car driven by an "unknown acquaintance." Once in the car, Powers called the victim over to his window. He then spat on her. Then he threw a screwdriver at her before driving off.

Police initially couldn't find Powers. However, on Friday, police paid a visit to the victim's apartment, and there was Powers.

Powers, who had four other warrants unrelated to the beating of his baby-mama, was booked on one count each of aggravated assault on a minor, endangerment, child abuse, and assault. 

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Don't believe everything you read!!!  It's not true and if you were not there don't judge.  The first one of you without sin please cast the first stone.


I saw the photo and I though it was Obama. The resemblance is uncanny.

geez louise
geez louise

So there were other men there? And neighbors?

And he was able to get away in a car?


I can understand anger issues but what I don't understand is how somebody can be so incredibly disrespectful to another human.  In this case the child and the mother of the child.  Too bad some people hasn't done society any good. 


Wrap that rat up and throw him down the shitter!

David Saint
David Saint

guys like this dont deserve prison or jail..just 3 rounds with the UFC champion of their weight class, and they arent allowed to tap out no matter what! 

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