Gerardo Parra Wins Gold Glove For Outfield Play With D-Backs: A Great Call

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We wrote often this summer of the defensive exploits of Arizona Diamondbacks outfielders Gerardo Parra and Chris Young.
gerardo parra.jpg
One of baseball's best outfielders, Gerardo Parra.
​Parra is the epitome of the self-made scrappy ballplayers, who has won over his teammates and fans alike with his hustle and sheer doggedness on the field.

We remember the game in September (we were at Chase Field that night) when incredible catches by both he and Young made ESPN's top ten plays of the day.  

As we recall, Parra didn't even start the season as an everyday left-fielder but won the full-time job by dint of his solid hitting (he hovered around .300 all year long) and by what he brought to the table defensively.

He's got a gun for an arm, and threw out twelve runners over the course of the D-Backs' very successful run into the National League playoffs.

Parra looks like he'd be a blast to play ball with.

Here's hoping he stays put in Arizona for many years to come.

As for Chris Young, though we often get frustrated by his seemingly endless strikeouts, we love his defense and the ground he effortlessly covers in centerfield. 

He, too, easily could have been honored with a Gold Glove, which is among the most coveted of baseball's individual honors.

Oh, well. Wait 'til next year.

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Mr. Rubin, I think Gerardo Parra is very deserving of this award, but only by a macromillimeter over Chris Young, if at all. Parra's offense was better than his glove, but I think Young is the better overall player and team leader. I got to watch Parra throw out TWO runners on consecutive plays at third base early in the season. After the All Star break the opposing third base coaches stopped trying to move the runners to third when Parra got to the ball. I think the FU home run was the epitome of the season for Parra......

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