Gaylord Sports Management Accused of Using Porn Star to Lure Athletes; Same Agency Employed Guy Who Cops Say Tried to Arrange Threesome With 14-Year-Old

Porn star Bibi Jones claims a Valley sports agent used her to lure potential clients.
Gaylord Sports Management -- a Scottsdale-based talent agency for professional athletes -- has a little work to do on the PR front; in addition to once employing a guy who's currently accused of trying to have a threesome with two underage girls, a porn star is now claiming she was used by a different agent to lure in clients.

According to porn star Bibi Jones -- who's starred in such films as Naughty Nannies 3 and Amateur Action -- GSM agent Terry Bross would take her out to bars after Arizona Diamondbacks games so she could meet Major League Baseball players and lure them to GSM.

Jones says she bedded more than 10 guys while working in cahoots with Bross, a couple of whom, she says, later signed with the agent.

One of Bross' clients Jones claims to have slept with is Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla, who signed with GSM in 2010 -- three weeks after a road trip to Phoenix to play the Diamondbacks.

Business Insider's Tony Manfred spoke with Jones about her (ahem) arrangement with Bross last week. Read the entire interview here.

From BI's interview with Jones:

BI: How did this whole thing start? Was it like, "Hey we're going out to a bar and I'll introduce you to these guys--"

BJ: No it wasn't even expected for me to hook up with these guys. It was just like I was arm candy for him. I was the one that wanted to hook up with these guys.

BI: Did he pay you?

BJ: No he didn't pay me. I was willing to do it.

BI: How many players did he introduce you that you slept with?

BJ: I don't know. Name a number. Definitely over 10.

BI: When did you start going around with the agent?

BJ: Spring of 2010.

BI: Do you know if any of the guys you were introduced to or slept with ended up signing with him?

BJ: I think a couple did. I'm not sure what happened afterward.

BI: How come you stopped going around with the agent?

BJ: Because I got into a relationship and it was hard to explain why I was going out every night. I haven't talked to him in over a year.

Gaylord Sports Management -- which represents athletes like PGA star Phil Mickelson, Cincinnati Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo, and New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez -- didn't respond to our request for comment on Jones' allegations. Additionally, it ignored our request for comment about how one of its other former agents, Jason Dubin, tried to lure girls he believed to be 14 and 17 years old for a threesome.

As New Times reported in July, Dubin was arrested after -- according to police -- he tried to lure the two girls for sex while chatting with them over the Internet. As is often the case, the two girls with whom Dubin thought he was chatting turned out to be cops.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Dubin, 31, contacted a girl on Facebook named "Christie." "Christie" told Dubin she was 17. Dubin responded by telling her he was 31, and asking if that was "too old."

Over the next several days, Dubin and "Christie" chatted over the social media website The two talked about sex, and Dubin told the girl he wanted to "teach her a few things" about oral sex. He even emailed her a shirtless photo of himself.

In one conversation, Dubin asked "Christie" if she had any friends who were into older guys. "Christie" told him she had a 14-year-old neighbor who might be interested.

Former GSM agent Jason Dubin

Enter "Brittany," "Christie's" supposed 14-year-old neighbor. Too bad for Dubin, "Brittany" holds the title of detective in the Phoenix Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children Unit.

Dubin and "Brittany" also talked about sex in their chats. Dubin asked her if she would be down to double-up on him with "Christie" for one of his blowjob tutorials. "Brittany" agreed, and the three planned to meet at "Christie's" house on July 21, when her parents would supposedly be out of town.

As the story often goes, Dubin didn't meet the two underage girls with whom he thought he was chatting. He did, however, meet some Phoenix police officers who took him into custody.

According to Phoenix Sergeant Steve Martos, once in custody, Dubin was sure to let authorities know that he was a lawyer who represented several professional athletes.

It's unclear which athletes Dubin represents. Martos tells New Times that Dubin claims to rep a total of eight athletes, although, he isn't sure which ones.

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You can count the pro atheletes that are not "players" on one hand.  Some of these guys are amazing at nurturing their public image, even with girls in every major league town...

I don't care...I just am gobsmacked by the naive people who think "he's such a good family man...he has triplets"...or "his wife cheated on him"...

Bob Meister
Bob Meister

A porn star and a pedophile walk into a bar...

WP Themes
WP Themes

BI: Did he pay you?

BJ: No he didn't pay me. I was willing to do it.

??? Is it?


I can almost see the std's swimming around her in the picture.


What a disease ridden skanky whooore. I'd bone that if I was nigga.

Snottsdale Brat
Snottsdale Brat

Used to work in the same office building as this agency. Lot of the agents came off as really slimy individuals. Can't say that I'm surprised....then again, ms porn slut isn't necessarily a reliable source either. I'd be willing to bet she was dating the agent in question, he dumped her, and now she's trying to get back at him by dragging his name through the mud. Again, not surprised....


A company trying to lure athletes with sexy women and the promise of sex? Say it ain't so!

This is news? Come on guys. You can do better than that.

Phoenix Justice
Phoenix Justice

" Lot of the agents came off as really slimy individuals."

Really?  A sports agent came off as slimy?  Doesn't that come under the heading of "duh!"


Conspiracy to have sex with a minor. That seems newsworthy!I will try and recall this next time I am asked to help build a sports arena.

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