Can Dems Take Senate Seat From Congressman Jeff Flake?

A Democrat hasn't held a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona since 1995, but a recent poll suggests that the seat getting vacated by retiring Senator Jon Kyl is within reach for Arizona lefties.

According to the pollsters at the left-leaning Public Policy Polling, Republican Congressman Jeff Flake -- the presumed GOP nominee for the seat -- leads Democrat Richard Carmona, a former U.S. surgeon general under President George W. Bush, in a hypothetical matchup by only four percentage points, (40-36 percent) which is within the polls margin of error.

See our report on the poll here. See the entire poll here.

According to PPP Director Tom Jensen, the Dems have a legitimate shot at taking the seat, despite Flake's overwhelming popularity and name recognition.

"With the Senate landscape in 2012 offering Democrats few opportunities for offense these numbers suggest Arizona may provide the party's 3rd best chance of picking up a GOP held seat next year, behind only Massachusetts and Nevada," Jensen writes in a statement accompanying in the poll.

As our colleague Stephen Lemons points out, Flake is the Republican "golden boy," and is even popular amongst Arizona Democrats.

The idea that Democrats could swipe the seat from Flake seems like a stretch, but we want to know what you think: can Democrats take Kyl's Senate seat?

Cast your vote below.

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Mr. Flake said he would only serve one term in office when he first ran for much for honesty. He can easily be had. peace

Phoenix Justice
Phoenix Justice

Yes, a Democrat could win the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Kyl, but only if they run a liberal and not someone who is Republican-lite, as they have in the past.  Give us liberals someone to fight for.


If the Cons continue to trip over their dicks, or in Bachman's case, Libya, at the same pace they have recently, the Dems should have a chance.

Just use the same strategy the Cons do; Pander to the fears of an uninformed, bigoted, and apathetic electorate which describes at least 90% of the population.


Nope! Not a chance.

If the Democrat's were smart they would write this one off and start grooming quality people for McCain's seat.

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