`Baseline Killer' Mark Goudeau May Get Very Bad News Today: Death Sentence Looms

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Fresh from the Thanksgiving holiday, the jury in the Mark Goudeau serial killing case returns to work this morning, scheduled to hear closing arguments in the "penalty phase" of the high-profile case.

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Mark Goudeau--aka the Baseline Killer
​After the arguments in the courtroom of Judge Warren Granville, the 12-person panel will deliberate Goudeau's fate on the nine murders it already has convicted him of committing.

The jurors' choices are simple: Death, or life without possibility of parole.

The 47-year-old already is serving a life sentence (actually 438 years) for the 2005 sexual assaults of two south Phoenix sisters.

The jury's decision, however, will not spell the end of the case: Judge Granville next month will sentence Goudeau for the other 58 felony convictions that the panel rendered, including sexual assaults, armed robberies, and kidnappings.

Goudeau's violent crime spree--one of Arizona's most infamous--and how it ended is explained in some detail in this recent story.

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I am amazed at his resemblence to that critter Obama. They could be twins.


I for one am stunned at all the ignorant hillbilly racist comments made by people in last weeks column.  How exactly is this man even a small sampling of Black Men??  I have dozens of male cousins and none of them have been in jail or in any kind of trouble and most are college educated.  My father was married to my mother for nearly 50 years. He gave 43 years of his life to the USAF.  How dare you trailer trash NASCAR chasing twits even deign to post how he is bringing down the stereotype of the Black Man.   The only difference between Alabama and Arizona is in Alabama they wear their white sheets out in front of God and everybody.  Here they like to hide them under over priced clothes from Kierland Commons.  Get over yourselves.  Call it what it is.  No one ever said Jeffrey Dahmer or Timothy McVeigh or Charles Manson bought down the White race.


Death looms over all of us sooner or later.  any of us guys could die sooner than this guy could on death row as it takes 20 years to kill them off on death row. Death is certain, Life is not.


It seems to me to be more of a story of the effects of poverty on generations of people.  So many people don't realize how fortunate they are to not have lived in an environment where the entire economy is stagnant and there are not real job opportunities to help people get out of the situation.  When held down anyone resorts to easy means of getting by, especially when it seems there is no other path you can take.  We are shaped by our environment.

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