Roommate Arrested in Murder of Man Found Buried Near Gila Bend

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Robbie Brown admitted to murdering 26-year-old Eric Morales, whose body was found partially buried in the desert near Gila Bend
Eric Morales, 26, was found murdered and partially buried in the desert North of Gila Bend last month, and yesterday the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office announced it's arrested a suspect: a man who was living in Morales' house at the time of his disappearance.

Morales was last seen alive by family members on June 8. At the time, he told relatives he was having some problems with "some guys" and was considering leaving town.

Morales was found dead and buried in the desert near the Old U.S. 80 highway and Enterprise Road near Gila Bend.

After sheriff's deputies searched Morales' home, detectives received information that a man named Robbie Brown was living in Morales' apartment at the time of his disappearance and could potentially be involved in his murder.

Detectives searched Brown's home in Buckeye, and ultimately placed him under arrest.

At first, Brown denied any involvement in Morales' murder. However, "after being confronted with facts," the MCSO says, Brown copped to the murder -- and he threw his brother under the bus, too.

Chris Brown, Robbie Brown's brother, was also involved in the murder, Robbie told police.

Robbie Brown was booked into a Maricopa County jail on one count each of first-degree murder, hindering, and concealment of a dead body.

It's unclear whether Chris Brown also was arrested -- the MCSO says the investigation is ongoing.

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heather brown
heather brown

i really like how false information is given out on these web sites

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

It's nice to see MCSO concentrating their efforts in unincorporated Maricopa County. It looks like some of the professionals at MCSO are doing a good job.

Kudos, folks.

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