John Gillis, Veteran Victims' Advocate, Joins Maricopa County Attorney's Office; Former Justice Department Official's Daughter was Murdered in '79

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Image: University of Akron
John Gillis, a longtime advocate for crime victims, has joined the Maricopa County Attorney's Office as chief of the agency's victim services division.

John Gillis -- veteran Los Angeles cop, former U.S. Department of Justice official and champion for the rights of crime victims -- will be helping out Valley victims for a while.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has hired Gillis to serve as the chief of the agency's victim services division.

Picking Gillis, a notable figure who served for eight years as the DOJ's Office for the Victims of Crime director, may give Montgomery something to crow about. The former cop's credentials as a victims' advocate are impressive -- and tragic.

Gillis' 23-year-old daughter was murdered in 1979 by a gang member who wanted to impress his homies. 

Gillis gave chilling details of the crime to the University of Akron, Ohio, which conducted an extensive interview with him in 2003:

"In 1979, my daughter was murdered by a gang member who wanted to move up in the hierarchy of the gang. And this was his buy-in. He wanted to move up into the narcotics end of the gang and one of the quickest ways for them to do that was to either attack a policeman or do something where he would garner the favor of the gang. In addition to that, they would feel that there was no possibility that he was an informant for law enforcement.

"So he had known my daughter when they were in high school, didn't know her well, but she became the target. And.... he offered her a ride one rainy evening when she was on her way to class, drove her to an alley in the Los Angeles area and shot her to death. It happened to have been one of the alleys where the gang members did hang out and it was one of the areas where I had been on patrol. It was a part of my beat at one time. And so there were some very definite things that they were trying to get across."

Gillis later founded co-founded Justice for Homicide Victims in Los Angeles and California's Coalition on Victims' Equal Rights (COVER), the Akron site says.

Of course, the main concern for Maricopa residents is how Gillis will improve the quality of services for victims. His office will be a busy one: The department he'll oversee last year served more than 54,000 people.

We're not sure if that number includes those victimized by former County Attorney Andrew Thomas or Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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seeing the truth
seeing the truth

He needs to start by investigating those who have abused the Victims Rights, like those who file false reports scamming the system. Those who file charges first have everything paid for and more by the Victims Rights -- taxpayers footing the bill and still paying for those who left the state. An investigation into how the department worked in conjunction with MCAO under Thomas needs to be done. Abuse of power was his SOP, as he sits in trial for 5-9 weeks for possible disbarment.


Another "lawyer". Is it any wonder this nation is collapsing when the U.S. has ten times as many lawyers as Europe does and Europe has a larger population? In any case, Sheriff Jose Arpaio will run rings around him like he does with all of the leftist morons for crime and disorder.

Triple-6 Gun Mane
Triple-6 Gun Mane

I find his background expertise quite impressive. I never knew Bill Monty is capable of hiring a Black man, whose credentials are sterling. I too wonder about the victims of unjust law enforcement by that of Shurf Foe and the former disgraced C.A. Candy-ass. But Gillis specializes in homicide victims advocacy, so it might seem irrelevant.


I suppose eight years in the Bush Administration and Alberto Gonzales Justice Department is enough to qualify him as an expert on victims.

Interesting, he was confirmed for that job by the Senate on September 14, 2001. 


Parents of Murdered Children POMC®, provides the on-goingemotional support needed to help parents and other survivors facilitate thereconstruction of a "new life" and to promote a healthy resolution.Not only does POMC help survivors deal with their acute grief but also helpswith the criminal justice system.

The staff of the National Headquarters of POMC will assistany survivor and if possible, link that survivor with others in the samevicinity who have survived their loved one's murder. In addition, the staff isavailable to provide individual assistance, support and advocacy. The staffwill help interested parents or immediate family members form a chapter of POMCin their community.

Toll Free: (888) 818-POMC

POMC Vision Statement

To provide support and assistance to all survivors ofhomicide victims while working to create a world free of murder.


Membership is open to those who have been cruelly bereavedby the murder of a loved one. Professionals who are in frequent contact withgrieving families are also welcome to join. 




Thanks for mentioning those groups as well.  They all are instrumental in helping fight crime and advocating for the rights of victims over the rights of criminals.  Especially the Southern Poverty Law Center.

They REALLY advocate on behalf of crime victims.  I like the fact that they busted up the KKK and many other bigoted organizations trying to encourage racism.  The many victims of the crime of slavery (including wage slavery) are going to get their due if SPLC has anything to say about - AND THEY DO!

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