Dyan Castorena, Prison Inmate Who Escaped Work Crew By Stealing Car, Busted at Casino

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Dyan Castorena escaped DOC custody -- and then hit up the casino.
Dyan Castorena, the Arizona prison inmate who escaped custody by stealing a car last week, was taken back into custody yesterday, the Arizona Department of Corrections says.

Castorena, who left a work crew at a car auction in a car she stole, was arrested just after 3p.m. yesterday at Casino Arizona by the Salt River Pima Tribal Police.

According to the DOC, Castorena was was working at the Manheim Auto Auction in Tolleson on September 30, when she stole one of the cars and drove off.

Fittingly, Castorena is currently serving a 1.5-year prison sentence at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Perryville for theft.

Castorena was last seen about 11 a.m. leaving the auto auction in a 4-door silver or gray Toyota Camry heading west.

Castorena isn't the first AZDOC inmate to escape custody by stealing a car.

In July of 2010, inmate Lonnie Smith took off from the work crew at the Huachuca City Landfill in a city-owned vehicle.

Smith was a minimum-security inmate at the Arizona prison complex in Douglas who was serving time for a drug paraphernalia violation and misconduct involving a weapon. A convicted thief and forger, he picked up the weapons charge after being caught with a weapon in his home.

Turns out, a city employee had accidentally left the keys in the vehicle prior to Smith stealing it. He was captured a few weeks later.

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Carl Toersbijns
Carl Toersbijns

You can't rehabilitate, reform, or change behaviors for stupid!!!!  It sounds to me she has a terminal case of  it.  Forest Gump said it best " "stupid is as stupid does"


Haha I know her she was in the same unit as my mom now that bitch is going to max and the funny thing is she only had 3 months left tell she got out!! Now that's more time. Hope she won the jackpot lol

My Camry gets 35 mpg
My Camry gets 35 mpg


You may remember that I work at the fancy car show on the westside. Ms. Castorena's gutsy, but unreasonably moronic escape was all the talk last Tuesday.The hell was she thinking ?The dumb bitch is doing a "bullet" in Perryville, and she boosts a car for an escape ?W-T-F ?????????And going to the casino is purely lame. Too many cops at those places.So now what ?The dumb bitch messed up that job detail for all her Homies at Perryville; it pays $1.50 an hour and is much coveted a work detail."Theft of Means" - Class III - 3.5 years D.O.C."Custodial Escape" - Class II - 5.0 years D.O.C.

Nice work Dyan, we'll see you in about 2016.

Steve Tracy

Disgruntled Goat
Disgruntled Goat

Unemployment at record levels and they use prison labor?  They deserve to have their cars stolen.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Some people re-offend shortly before release so they can stay in the system. Three 'hots and a cot' are easier than working for a living on the 'outside'.


DAMM ! She was making more than the unemployed Arizonans who lost their unemployment benefits.Not to mention free meals & health care , She is a dumb bitch !

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