Doh! Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant has "Unusual Event;" No Danger, Says APS

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An official "unusual event" was declared at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station west of Phoenix on Saturday after water in a junction box outside of reactor containment building caused an electrical short.

KTAR (92.3 FM) radio is the only outlet that appears to have reported the incident, but maybe that's because -- according to Arizona Public Service, anyway -- this is a non-story.

Jim McDonald, a spokesman for APS, told the radio station that McDonald went on to say that "some water got into a junction box. It shorted out. As a result, we declared a notification of unusual event. That is an emergency level, but a very, very, low one. The lowest one."

We're guessing that in the nuclear plant instruction manual, a meltdown would be called a "really, really, REALLY frickin' unusual" event.

Maybe this kind of "event" isn't really noteworthy. A shorted-out junction box certainly wouldn't be news at a coal plant. But nuclear plants are just so -- we'll just say it -- scary.

Not only are thousands of people at risk if radioactive gas belches out of the plant someday, but -- as the Arizona Republic pointed out midway through an article about Palo Verde's safety record -- fear of radioactivity could cause mayhem in the Phoenix area without a single contaminated molecule drifting eastward.

Palo Verde's in one of the safest areas in the country for a nuclear plant, as far as the lack of earthquakes or tsunamis. That leaves pilot error as the leading source of a potential problem.

It's worth keeping an eye on those "unusual events."

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Like the recently reported news that we have the highest rate of vacant homes in the nation?  Well APS is working on creating many more vacant homes.  Many people are being required to give hundreds of dollars to APS as a "deposit" for being delinquent paying their electric bill.  These are people who have no phones, no internet, no cars and are barely hanging onto their homes.   These are people who have no margin to pay early.  APS knows damn well when these people get their checks but APS criminally redlines them - this is class warfare - APS refuses to adjust their billing cycle to accommodate when these people receive their checks - no APS finds it more profitable to call all of these people delinquent payers and our politicians have no stomach for regulating a powerful monopoly such as APS.  We learned recently that people who choose to live without electricity in an effort to hang on to their homes will be forced out of their property by local cities.  So who is APS colluding with?  Local cities that are in debt?  The banksters?  My personal required "deposit" is almost $600.  Not because I am living so large, no it is because I live in a leaky rental with faulty AC that the slumlord won't fix.  I can't afford to move, nor can I "report" my landlord because then I will be forced to move - have no money to move with.  So thanks everybody who should be doing something about this.  I won't forget.  How many millions of dollars will APS now have to play with from the forced "deposits" from the poor?  Where is my "risk management" against corporate rape, pillage and plunder?

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