Cops Think "Uncle Jerry" Morrow Molested Nearly 20 Young Boys

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"Uncle Jerry" Morrow.
If there was a pervert hall of shame, "Uncle Jerry" Morrow would certainly be a first ballot inductee -- he admitted to being a pedophile, and police suspect he's molested nearly 20 kids dating as far back as 1976.

Morrow was arrested last night at his home at 4807 South 339th Avenue in Tonopah after three of his nephews, who are now adults, told Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputies he molested them for years when they were children.

One of the nephews told police he was waiting for his grandparents -- Morrow's parents -- to die before he came forward with his allegations against their son.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, one of the nephews recalls being abused by Morrow for the first time when he was five years old. The abuse ended, the victim later told police, when he was about 13.

Of the multiple times the victim says Morrow sexually abused him, one incident is particularly atrocious.

When the victim was 12, he was visiting his "Uncle Jerry" at his home in Rainbow Valley. The boy was doing dishes when he says Morrow came up behind him and dragged him into a bedroom. Morrow then tied him to the bed face down and sodomized as the victim struggled to get free.

In another horrific incident, Morrow was visiting the victim's family when they were living near Gila Bend. The boy was in the living room with three of his brothers when Morrow came in and put a porn video on the TV. He'd also given the boys alcohol.

As the brothers slept, Morrow "forced the victim's head down towards his crotch," forced the boy's mouth open, and forced him to perform oral sex on him. He told the victim not to make any noises that would wake up his brothers.

When Morrow ejaculated, the boy threw up.

Yesterday, police arranged a confrontation call between Morrow and the victim, during which Morrow was "very apologetic" and called himself a "pedophile."

However, Morrow insisted to the victim that he was "no longer like that." He also denied tying up the victim.

Several of the victim's brothers came forward and told police Morrow had molested them -- and some of their friends -- too.

According to police, 15 additional victims were mentioned when they interviewed Morrow's nephews.

For now, Morrow's been booked into a Maricopa County jail on one count each of sexual assault, kidnapping, and sexual abuse. He was also hit with two counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

Morrow's being held without bail -- additional charges are pending, according to police.

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Today an ugly chapter of my life was laid to rest when the monster was sentenced to 17 years in prison and lifetime probation.


Thirty years ago my honor and self esteem were compromised by a monster that had a hidden history of treacherous disgust and a future filled with escalating and grotesque betrayal and intentions.


Although there were 24 victims, only 2 showed up in court today to represent the rest.  The victim impact statements were delivered to and considered by the judge.  The state attorney did a great job accurately summarizing and presenting my impact statement aloud to the court in addition to my request for the judge to reject the plea for a longer sentencing term.  The other victim that was there today personally addressed the court, explaining the HELL this has caused him during his childhood and that he continues to endure. The charges were stated and the plea bargain was read aloud to the court.  The defense attorney attempted to paint a picture of remorse, stating that the plea was accepted to keep the victims from going through the agony of testifying on the stand and that he had no prior convictions and agreed to counseling, etc.  In my opinion, she failed painting that picture as he showed no true remorse, proved by his only response.  Prior to the judges’ final sentencing statement, he asked the defendant if he had anything to say to the court.  His only words were “I’m Sorry.  What else can I say”.  The judge sentenced Jerry Morrow to 17 years in prison.  The judge said “If you are able to complete your sentence”… you will serve lifetime probation with conditions for constant GPS (which has green and red zones that are closely monitored), to register as a sex offender (including the stringent requirements that come with it: unable to be around children at all or anywhere children may be) and to pay fines and restitution.  Beginning at the age of 64, he will be over 80 years old if he’s able to survive his sentence.


As explained today by the state attorney, a sex offenders’ life in prison is much different and more dangerous than the general population.  Inmates have a way of bringing crimes and the reason one is there out into the open and dealing with them in their own way.  If he can hide his crimes long enough to be transferred, he will be held in a special area of the Florence prison that attempts to keep him away from the other inmates.


Although this doesn't make it all go away, it does help knowing that he’s behind bars being punished for his crimes.  The monster in my closet is no longer there, and most importantly he can no longer harm any other children.


I worked with Morrow off and on over the course of several years also. I am shocked and amazed how impossible it is to know a pedophile when you are looking right at them. This guy was mild mannered and very polite. Reminded me of the chicken guy Colonel Sanders from KFC. Absolutely would never had guessed this in a thousand years...


No-one can or should question why a victim didn't come forward sooner.  There is shame, manipulation, and guilt only Jerry's victims can possibly understand.  They were CHILDREN.  What is important that they have come forward now to stop Jerry.  He obviously was unwilling and/or unable to stop on his own.  We should have only compassion and acceptance for all those involved in Jerry's depravity.


OMG this guy lives up the road ....I seen him around all the time...and talked to him.. a few times. How awfull stuiped ****** I wish some one would cut his n-ts off and torture them like he did his victims.. I hope he has fun in prison they will rip that pacemaker out of his...chest ..I hope they traumatized him.. I have no tolerence for something like this... I feel for the victims.  I hope everyone will come forward that has been victimized my him...Have fun Jerry

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

["However, Morrow insisted to the victim that he was "no longer like that."]

Not so fast, Mr. Morrow. Most, if not all, experts on pedophilia have determined that it's a lifetime affliction (personality based) and doesn't just go away. Which is why most pedophiles eventually die in prison. Now, it may be true that your equipment doesn't work any longer and you can't have intercourse... but you can (and probably do) still abuse children. The desire doesn't go away Mr. Morrow. Stop your hateful untruthfulness and do what's right for the children you've victimized. If you have the courage, Mr. Morrow.


WOW! I worked over 3 years with Morrow, and never knew he was sick. He took kids to his cabin in Payson, to include the handy capped kids he did home care for. Hope police are aware of his part time job with the needy children he visited every morning while their parents were out of the homes at work and he was alone tending to them! He also took some of these children to his cabin. Morrow has a pace maker and I really think it will quit working for him while behind bars. I once considered him a friend and listened to his growing up stories, I will pray for him and his victims. His only living parent (mother) died awhile back, why did you kids take so long to come forward? You all lived under the same roof for awhile, also he always talked about his grandson-you didn't know he was like this? I am lost for words and still have a hard time believing this.


This creep moved into my neighborhood about 6 months ago.I talked to him a few times and never thought that he could be such a sick fuck.I guess these predators are really good at hiding their proclivity for child exploitation,are able to blend in with the herd, and are just another face in the crowd until they are exposed as the deviant,sick,unbalanced,disgusting,non-human pond scum they really are.Good luck in prison,Jerry.I hope your new cell mate is as good to you as you were to all the innocent,young boys you victimized.I hope you have to wear Depends for the rest of your miserable life,you piece of shit!!!!!

David Ogle
David Ogle

On October 20, 2011 at approx 6:30 pm Jerry Morrow wastaken into custody by Phoenix Police and SWAT team from his house in TonopahAZ, accused of suspected 20+ accounts of sexual child abuse and sexualmolestation.  Now adults, many victimshave banned together and came forward with their testimony which detectivesconsidered a slam dunk case. 


Given the latest details regarding Jerry Morrow (seeattached). Many have come forward, but we are trying to get his case to stick!We're reaching out to anyone who may have had contact with him at any timeduring his life! Please, if you or anyone you know may have anything at all toshare, we plead that you do share and so do all his other and potential nextvictims! Time is of the essence and we need as many people as possible toconfidentially tell their story as soon as possible! The detectives ensure thatthe victims names will not be released and they can contact them directly tominimize that risk. Please contact Special Victims Unit Detective McGee at602-876-4835 or Detective J. White at 602-876-1466.


Jerry is a very awful man!  If only he could feel the pain and mentalagony of his victims.  Some of hisvictims are now grown men, who are very screwed up and emotionally traumatizedbecause of what he did to them when they were kids.  His victims were scared of him because of thelies he told them about how horrible he was in his past.  Many of them respected and loved the othermembers and elder members of the family so they couldn't bring themselves tocome forward.

Please forward and re-post this to help us get the word out and reach anyoneand everyone who we couldn't get in contact with!



David Ogle
David Ogle

Jerry is a very awful man! If only he could feel the pain and mental agony of his victims.  Some of his victims are now grown men, whoare very screwed up and emotionally traumatized because of what he did to themwhen they were kids.  His victims werescared of him because of the lies he told them about how horrible he was in hispast.  Many of them respected and lovedthe other members and elder members of the family so they couldn't bringthemselves to come forward.


Wow. And such a handsome fellow too. Who knew?

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