Can Mike Stauffer Beat Joe Arpaio Running For Sheriff as an Independent?

Can Scottsdale Lieutenant Mike Stauffer beat Sheriff Joe Arpaio running as an Independent?
Scottsdale Lieutenant Mike Stauffer announced that he's switching party affiliation in his push to unseat Joe Arpaio as the sheriff of Maricopa County.

Stauffer, a life-long Republican, originally planned to face Arpaio in a GOP primary as a Republican. He's now running as an Independent.

See Stauffer's explanation of his decision here.

It's a smart move for a number of reasons, mostly because Stauffer will now leave the decision up to Maricopa County's entire electorate, as opposed to only Independents and the far-right-wing-nuts who would undoubtedly support Arpaio in a Republican primary.

However, America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" is still a pretty popular guy here in the Valley (despite the millions (and millions) of dollars in taxpayer money that have been pissed away defending the MCSO from seemingly endless lawsuits, the humiliating publicity stunts, and the overall culture of corruption at the MCSO that he's allowed to develop for nearly 20 years).

Not to mention the $6 million he's got to fuel his (county-level) campaign.

The odds still seem stacked against Stauffer, but we want to know what you think: can Mike Stauffer be the one to finally convince Maricopa County voters that "it's time for a new sheriff?"

Cast your vote below.

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Mike Stauffer has one thing that Arpaio DOESN'T have.....and that is time.  Arpaio is aging worse than the salad in my refrigerator.  He will NOT be able to withstand the pressure of another full term.  And...after the Thomas/Aubuchon/Alexander disbarment hearings and all that entails - with the FBI watching and explosive information being testified to day after day I would think that Stauffer's chances will get better and better. 


It will be four years since Arpaio won the Sheriff's office by 55% of the vote in 2008, compared to 66% in 2000 and 57% in 2004.  

Since 2008 the negative publicity has been utterly unrelenting.  He's had to fire his three top goons.  The Thomas/Aubuchon/Alexander affair has turned a lot of people, especially lawyers, against him.  The slow moving tsunami of lawsuits is becoming more and more apparent and more and more expensive.  

In the meantime the demographics of the County have been changing.  The alte knockers die off and the Latino voting age population, and voters, increases.  And Latinos are mad as hell about Arpaio.  

Joe's age could be an issue, as well as federal indictments of those close to him, or even of Joe himself.  More horrendous things are bound to happen in the jail and Joe's "enforcement" efforts. Other things are happening in Arizona to weaken Joe including the recall of Russell Pearce. 

 All in all the winds are at Stauffer's back, although he starts from behind.


He can run any way he wants, Mike gets my family of 6 votes.


Ask a Mexican when he / she plans to return to Mexico to legally apply for a work visa to legally enter the US?Where in Mexico is Nicky Diaz Santillan? She was deported right?


Personally I think Joe Arpaio has convinced everyone we need a new sheriff. 

I wish Lt. Stauffer the best in his run for sheriff.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

She is probably right there with Adrian Cruz. You may remember him. A convicted rapist of a nine year old girl whom he impregnated. Allowed to simply walk out of Maricopa Superior Court while under the watchful eyes of MCSO employees?

I think she is doing housekeeping and he is a landscaper at a Puerto Penasco resort working for far less than U.S. minimum wage...

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