Can Landing Super Bowl Help Arizona "Shed SB 1070 Stigma?"

The National Football League announced yesterday that it's selected Arizona to host the 2015 Super Bowl.

Landing the big game is definitely good for the state -- the last time the Super Bowl was in Arizona, in 2008, it generated about $500 million in revenue for Valley businesses.

But can the Super Bowl help Arizona "shed its SB 1070 stigma?" Arizona Republic sports columnist Paola Boivin seems to think so.

Boivin penned a column yesterday suggesting that hosting the Super Bowl will help Arizona kick its label as the "Meth Lab of Democracy," a label for which SB 1070 is partly to blame.

"The decision by NFL owners Tuesday to award the 2015 Super Bowl to Arizona was the first enthusiastic vote of support for our community from a sports organization since SB 1070 complicated the landscape," Boivin argues.

See Boivin's full column here.

Arizona's got a pretty bad rap, and likely will as long as the state's elected leaders continue to promote controversial reactionary policies. But can the Super Bowl help reshape Arizona's image?

If you ask us, it's just a game -- as long as guys like Senate President Russell Pearce are calling the shots, no sporting event will do much to fix the state's image. But we want to know what you think: does landing the Super Bowl help Arizona shed its "SB 1070 stigma?"

Cast your vote below.

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It's hard to call it a "stigma" when there have been practically NO tangible negative ramifications from SB 1070. Was the All-Star game boycotted? Has tourism cratered? Are people staying away from the Grand Canyon in droves?

And lookie here - another article in today's AzRepub to support this point:


Pearce is only a symptom of a much deeper personality disorder which plagues Arizona. It is a mixture of sociopathic tendencies, fear and greed called conservatism.


If the 12,000,000 plus illegal immigrants had a political leaning towards the conservative republicans would the pro illegal immigrants group still help with amnesty? I don't think so.


It already happened. The Cuban gusanos lean right, so as soon as they step on American soil they get amnesty from the right wing.

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