Border Patrol Agent Charged With Accepting Bribe to Allow Contraband-Filled Truck to Pass Through Checkpoint

For the second time this month, a federal agent in Arizona has been charged with a corruption-based crime.

The U.S. Attorney's Office announced today that U.S. Border Patrol agent Abel Canales has been indicted for accepting a bribe to allow a U-Haul truck he thought was filled with either drugs or illegal immigrants to pass through a southern Arizona border checkpoint.

Canales, authorities say, allowed the U-Haul to pass through the I-19 Border Patrol checkpoint yesterday. After the truck made safe passage into the U.S., Canales was seen making contact with a co-conspirator, who handed him an envelope full of cash.

Yesterday, the unnamed co-conspirator met with someone he believed to be a drug dealer and human smuggler in Rio Rico. The co-conspirator told the faux-smuggler to have the U-Haul travel north on I-19 to the checkpoint where Canales was stationed.

The co-conspirator positioned his vehicle directly in front of the U-Haul as the two vehicles passed through the checkpoint. When Canales -- who'd been in contact with the co-conspirator that morning -- recognized the co-conspirator's vehicle, he instructed another agent to take it to a secondary inspection area. Meanwhile, Canales handled the U-Haul, which he believed to be full of contraband.

"Are you an American citizen," Canales asked the driver of the U-Haul.

"Buenos dias," the fake smuggler responded, before being ushered through the checkpoint by Canales.

After the U-Haul passed through the checkpoint without incident, the co-conspirator met with two men he believed to be smugglers, who gave him a manilla envelope containing $8,000.

Shortly after the meeting with the phony smugglers, the co-conspirator met with Canales at a Wal-Mart in Nogales, where -- still wearing his Border Patrol uniform -- he was witnessed retrieving the envelope of cash.

Canales has been charged with one count each of conspiracy to accept a bribe and accepting a bribe. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

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You got your dates confused in this article.  Your reference to "yesterday" was off by three years. These events happened three years ago.  In the meantime, this corrupt CBP agent was allowed to continue carrying a badge and a gun.  As a result of this negligence CBP is now facing a lawsuit because on Nov 16 2010 their known corrupt agent Abel Canales shot Jesus Enrique Castro Romo as he lay sprawled face-first on the ground.

Dave Francis
Dave Francis


It doesn’t seem to sink in to the majority of Americanminds, that illegal immigration is vastly encouraged by criminal businessowners. A fence can only do so much, in holding illegal people desperate for ajob; although this isn’t the majority of cases, because millions enter Americato take advantage of US taxpayers and the welfare entitlement system. It seemsquite acceptable that employers also bring in legal immigrant workers on H-1bvisa’s, offering lower wages and fewer benefits that American job seekersexpect. This is the avenue that companies are importing around a millionimmigrants a year legally. Taxpayers are forced by certain unfunded mandatory laws,to pay for the children’s schooling of illegal alien parents to k-12, free openhouse in the emergency rooms of hospitals for treatment. The illegalimmigration invasion is getting worse and the cost rising from the $113 Billiondollar mark, as more cross the limited fencing at the border and the lies toldto federal inspectors at airport entry. Incidentally there is no trackingmechanism once inside America, unlike Mexico or many other countries.


Inside Congressional staffers are passing on information thatcorporate agricultural industries, farmers, special interest lobbyists, openborder zealots are throwing bags of cash and promises of large campaigncontributions, if they kill MANDATORY E-VERIFY. George Soros is involved; Ed Gillespie is threatening Politicians with NO money ifthey vote for E-Verify. International Groups as Ted Turner, United NationFoundation Group, headed by Kofi Annum. The Carnegie Foundation, president andcontrolled by an Iranian Immigrant ‘Vartan Gregorian’who has publically vowed to spend every penny to dismantle USA Borders. TheFord Foundation…Other Foundations supported by Carnagie Carnegie hassupported are the National Council of La Raza, America’s Voice, the NationalImmigration Forum, the Center for Community Change and its Fair ImmigrationReform Network, the Center for New Community, the National Association ofLatino Elected and Appointed Officials, the Mexican American Legal Defense andEducation Fund, and the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund. The NY Times Foundation… THE MONEY…THE GLOBAL POWER SOURCES;THE USA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IS TOTALLY GLOBAL, NOTHING AMERICAN ABOUT IT, ASTHEY ARE AGAINST E-VERIFYY AND TRYING TO WRECK IT.


Currently there is an estimated 147,000 Veterans walking the streets—HOMELESS.


Giving out $113 billion dollars in free money annually issheer madness and thanks to thousands of companies who invite this violation ofour immigration laws, they are truly to blame for this growing population ofnon-status people and families. If I was a state prosecutor everybusiness—large or small—that defies immigration laws, would initially be finedfor each illegal hired, $25.000 dollars. The next offense $50.000, followedvery closely be business asset confiscation and having more than one worker,two years in jail. But unlike most countries, where it is a felony for illegalentry, in our nation, you get deported; under President Obama’s watch today,you can walk away free. Women concealing their pregnancy are entering Americaby the thousands yearly, through our unsecured border and also arriving atinternational air terminals; bringing in their hidden fetus with no intentionof returning and therefore adding to the massive expensive health care packagethrown at taxpayers.


Illegal Immigration has got so bad in states likeCalifornia, Nevada, they have been designated as notorious—Sanctuary States.These states are overwhelmed by millions, but the Liberals ignore it, allowingthem to access welfare. But by no means are they the only cities and otherjurisdictions? Obama’s government must enforce our 1986 Control & Reformact, as this nation can no longer import the abject poverty or other countries.The Hermitage Foundation has the real statistics, which visa over-stays hasraised to 49 percent. California agricultural interests have been getting asubsidized ride for decades in using illegal immigrations, primarily fromMexico, for harvesting their crops. Crops which pay them-- LARGE PROFITS.


My blogs are now being banned unfortunately in the Liberalpress, because the truth hurts and they prefer to offer e-newspaper readerspropaganda or skirt around the issue. Many of the facts the public need toknow, is to be found on the NUMBERSUSA website. Just type it into your browsersearch engine and learn about their commitment to American sovereignty.NumbersUSA and the TEA PARTY insistent on telling readers to ‘BLAST’ the  House Representative at theCongressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121and bother them to sponsor the ‘Legal Workforce’ Act, specifically the ‘Waysand Means Committee, controlled by Majority Speak John Boehner (R-OH) to gethis equal House Representatives and  reluctant lawmakers and sponsor BillH.R. 2885. This willend the national monopoly of illegal cheap labor and illegal aliens voting in2012.


Weshouldn’t forget that that although most US citizens as voters attention is onthe 2012 election, that this year a number of states are holding gubernatorialand state legislative elections. That many of the results in these individualstates will determine if immigration policing and state enforcement is enacted in2011. States directly affected are Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia elect governors in 2011. Inaddition, 578 state legislative seats are available, with the majority  of these in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jerseyand Virginia where the fate of politicians are in the hands of voters.


In voting precinctswe must be truly on our guard and I hope that TEA PARTY members oversee thevoting in all of these states? It’s very sad situation, when we cannot trustthe election system anymore, because of the actions of organizations as ACORN. Shouldyour state be holding an election this year, please study each candidate andthen vote. Go to NumbersUSA for more details on what you can do to combat thisillegal alien infection, and help stop it for good. ONLY CITIZENS HAVE THEVOTE, SO WATCH FOR VIOLATIONS OF THE LAW. IT MIGHT SAVE YOUR JOB AND MILLIONSOF OTHERS.


Don’tSTOP pushing for E-Verify to others, or it will never hinder Liberal propaganderistsor others in both parties from derailing ‘The Legal Workforce Act’.


ATTN:  FromJudicial Watch, the publicinterest organization that investigates and prosecutes government corruption,announced today that it launched a national television advertising campaign onOctober 24, 2011 to combat illegal immigration. A key purpose of the campaignis to collect from the American people urging governors of all 50 states, toobey and enforce all laws against illegal immigration.

Mene Tekel
Mene Tekel

So... what happened to the Uhaul?


I'll never understand these nimrods. It's not like $8000.00 is a lot of money. What moron would risk his whole life for an amount he probably could have made legally and ethically in just a few months?


Oh sheez. Freaking mexican trash bag guarding our border.


You think this was the only time he did it?  $8,000 isn't a lot of money, but $8,000 every week or two really adds up.

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