Best Reader Comment For Photo of Sham Russell Pearce Recall Candidate Olivia Cortes?

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Last week, we asked our readers to let us know what they would say to state Senate President Russell Pearce's sham "candidate," Olivia Cortes, if they bumped into her somewhere and got to tell her to her face what they think of her -- and Pearce's -- sleazy attempt to manipulate Democracy.

We had nearly 60 responses in the comment section of the post, which you can see by clicking here.

We've narrowed it down to five best comments, but only one can win the grand prize in New Times' inaugural Say it to Her Face Contest: a pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times building for a firm handshake and a lukewarm glass of Phoenix's municipal tap water.

The finalists are as follows:

A) Eleanor with: "So Ms. Cortes, please explain how they coerced you into being their
little puppet.  Was it when they tied you up and spanked you?  Or was it
after they all pissed on you and called your their little whore?"

B) Tubes Fan with: "Hey lady, did Russel promise you Eternal Servitude on his planet in the
Celestial Kingdom for doing his bidding? I don't think he can add a
Lamanite to his plural harem, y'know.."

C) Bnbk with: "How many bottles of mouthwash did it take to remove the stench &
taste of RuSSell Pearce's ass from your lips & mouth?"

D) American Citizen with (although, it didn't adhere to the guidelines of the contest, Guest23, it's still funny):

Russell Pearce: Olivia hablas Ingles?
Olivia: No Senor..
Russell Pearce: Well Olivia we need your help in using you as a "sham" candidate. Are you okay with that?
Olivia: Que? Me gane una "Shamm WoW" O si! Que gusto me da! Gracias, Senor Pearce! En  donde voy  recojo mi premio.
: My friend will take you the paperwork to sign for us before you
get the prize . Pearce's thoughts as he hangs up the phone"Stupid
Mexican" I gotta make sure she is one of them Messicans from Mexico. He
hangs up the phone and proceeds in calling [right-wing political consultant Constantin] Querard and says,"start the printing, she is in".
Olivia: GAne, Gane, que padre gane un premio.

E) Yourproductsucks with: "Confession of your indiscretions is the only way you will be able to
find peace, Sister Cortes. You have offended many and a public
confession is only appropriate. Repent and you will find peace."

Cast your vote below:

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Damn, there was almost an election where a female candidate wasn't called a whore. So close!


Jan Brewer say's: "We are a land of Laws, All Laws!"

Just not Election Rigging/Tampering Laws, which come with a grand prize for all involved of 6 months to 2 years, and the loss of Voting Rights for life as Felons!

This applies to Russell Pearce, his Brother, his two Nieces, Mrs. Cortes, the Tea Party members or Officials involved, and lets not forget any of the thousands who knowingly signed Mrs. Cortes Fraudulent Petition in the hands of the Pearce family collecting them.

What Stellar Legal Citizens?

C.T.R.?  Choose the right Felony?

Brewer, Pearce, and fellow Mormon Birds of a feather, all stick together.

Jail Birds?

To: Justice for All!


Mr. King,

I agree the caption was funny even if American citizen has a problem with following directions or reading comprehension. But than this is just a comment section, and this is all an exercise in good fun, so no harm, no foul, imho. I am far from a comment nazi, but was just attempting to make a point regarding how little some pay attention and how it affects comments in these forums at times.


So where do I collect my prize? Do I just go over to the New Times and get my handshake? I know it sounds weird but I do admire you guys alot for all you have done in exposing the scandals here is AZ. So tap water and a handshake is enough for me!


Can we have a contest on the best Occupy Phoenix sign too?  1 - Jan Brewer Sign


All Illegal aliens should be allowed by Obwama to apply for work permits but only while they are outside the United States in their home countries.   This type of program (guest workers) has worked very well for many years in economically successful places such as Switzerland, Singapore to name a few. Once their work visa expires they must immediately leave the country. If the females become prgnant, they are immediately returned to their home country. commit any violation of ANY law (even "J" walking)  and they are deported. If they attempt to re-enter the US illegaly, they are automatically placed on a list of permanently banned from entry into the US. Are you with us?Just enforce the Immigration Laws and treat all people who want to enter the US fairly. Don't show preference to those that entered illegally. Justice for all?

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