Baseline Killer/Rapist Case Goes To Jury This Morning: Mark Goudeau Faces Possible Death Penalty If Convicted

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Mark Goueeau's fate officially is in the hands of a Maricopa County jury as of 10 a.m.

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Mark Goudeau, accused Phoenix serial murderer

​The 12-person panel began its deliberations minutes ago after Superior Court Judge Warren Granville randomly dismissed five potential jurors who have sat through the high-profile Baseline Killer/Rapist trial. (The quintet will remain on call as "alternates" until a verdict is reached.)

Goudeau is charged with 72 felonies, including nine murders, stemming from an alleged 2005-06 spree that terrorized the Valley, especially an area in central Phoenix around 32nd Street and East Thomas Road.

The 47-year-old already is serving a 438-year sentence for the 2005 sexual assaults of two young south Phoenix women. That case largely was based on DNA belonging to Goudeau that authorities uncovered on a breast of one of his victims.




The prosecution and defense completed their respective closing arguments yesterday afternoon in a courtroom packed with the family members of victims, some (alleged) victims themselves, members of the Phoenix Police Department's "Baseline Task Force," media and others.

Randy Craig, who led the Goudeau defense team, spoke passionately to the jury for several hours, claiming that prosecutors had failed to prove their sprawling case against the accused serial killer.

"The state thought they had an open-and-shut case here," Craig said, [but] is there anything but what they say was found in a laboratory?"

In part, Craig was referring to the extremely likely presence of Goudeau's DNA on several victims.

He also was talking about the presence of DNA matched to two of Goudeau's alleged murdered victims on a white Nike sneaker and a black ski mask belonging to Goudeau that police collected during a search of Goudeau's residence in the hours after his September 6, 2006, arrest.

As for another piece of critical evidence--a ring and other jewelry belonging to murder victim Tina Washington (read about that tragic case in great detail right here)--that the cops also found tucked away in a baggie inside a brown leather shoe during a subsequent search of Goudeau's home, Craig said this:

"Somebody entered the home [after the September 6 search] and put [the telltale baggie] there."

Nice try. Seriously doubt it will fly.

Deputy county attorney Suzanne Cohen naturally focused on the greatest strengths of the case against Goudeau--the overwhelming DNA and the ballistics evidence against the guy.

"The science is corroborated and is the corroboration," Cohen told the jury. "The DNA technology has not been questioned....The evidence proved the defendant is the wolf."

Indeed it wasn't, even though defense attorney Craig promised the jurors several times during the months-long trial that he would contest that evidence tooth-and-nail.

In fact, the defense presented no evidence and no witnesses during the trial.

We will be publishing an in-depth piece on this remarkable case in a few weeks.

No clue, of course, when the jury will return its verdicts, but we'll report in when it happens.





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Obviously Mark Goudeau didn't put the ring there.  Are you telling us seasoned dics like Alex Femenia, Mike Polombo and others just missed it the first time the small house was searched?  Mark was in jail when the ring was found - so he didn't put it there.  Found 3 searches later in a shoe out in the open. Seems absurd The prosecutors and detectives are counting on the jurors and general public to be stupid and gullible.

Also Mark was EXCLUDED from every single piece of DNA evidence until corrupt Alex Femenia and DPS DNA tech Lorrain Heath became involved.  Rubin doesn't report this. Nor does he report that there is a better chance of him getting hit by lightening in his office (we can only hope) than Heath obtaining DNA from a victime who was submerged in a tub filled with water and then swabs that had been wet for 5 months before Heath's anlysis.  DNA is water soluable.

Paul Rubin is good buddies with lead dic Alex Femenia so does what he can to continue the media slaughter of an innocent man.   Like the hit piece you did on Ofc Rusty Stuart who was told by Femenia to hide evidence that was exonerating to Mark..How do you sleep at night, creep?


It's hard to dispute DNA evidence.   This creep needs to go away for once and for all.

the defense sounds like they are really grasping at straws.

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