Baseline Killer UPDATE: "Aggravation" Phase of Mark Goudeau Trial Promises Fireworks

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For legal reasons, jurors at criminal trials don't get to hear about a lot of things deemed prejudicial to the defendant or irrelevant to the matters at hand.

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We can finally say it without the word "alleged:" Baseline Killer Mark Goudeau

​That all changes in the so-called "aggravation phase" of death-eligible cases in Arizona, which is exactly where Mark Goudeau is headed this Wednesday starting at 10 a.m.

In this phase (the second of three phases that can land someone on death row), prosecutors can, among other things, pull out almost all the stops, and show the jury how the murders (nine in this case) and the myriad other crimes Goudeau has been found guilty of committing have affected so many lives.




Also, jurors will learn for the first time that Goudeau already is serving a 438-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting two Phoenix sisters in September 2005.

This phase promises to be packed with emotion and drama, as will the subsequent penalty phase (if the jurors, as expected, do find the requisite aggravating factors in the upcoming hearing) when the Goudeau team gets to present mitigation in an effort to keep him off death row.

Again for the record, the jury convicted the 47-year-old Phoenix man on all nine murder counts on this, the Day of the Dead (Halloween), as well as 58 other serious felonies after deliberating for more than a week.

If they don't decide to stick him on death row, it will come as a shock to just about everyone familiar with the facts of the global case.

By the way, we are working on an inside story about the Baseline case as we speak (or write) for publication in next week's issue (November 10).

Don't miss it....



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String his disgusting ass up!


The death penalty is too easy for this animal. I'd favor keeping him in prison for the rest of his life and I'd favor transplanting organs into the SOB so he could spend even longer in prison.

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