Winner of Best Reader Caption For Sleeping Inmate Ramon Cardone's Best Mugshot Ever: wherewasi

"...and they BETTER NOT wake me up until that friggin coloring contest is OVER!"
Congratulations to the New Times reader who goes by the handle wherewasi, you are the proud winner of this week's New Times You Write the Caption contest.

On Friday, we asked readers to provide what they think would be an appropriate caption for the above photo of the actual mugshot taken by a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office detention officer of assault suspect Ramon Corrales.

We picked the five best reader captions and put it to a vote.

See all the entries here.

wherewasi stole the show with the following:

"...and they BETTER NOT wake me up until that friggin coloring contest is OVER!"

Thanks to everyone who played, and congrats again to wherewasi -- to retrieve your grand prize of a firm handshake and a glass of lukewarm Phoenix municipal tap water, come to the New Times Building at 1201 East Jefferson Street in Phoenix. Go to the front desk and ask for James King any time after 1 p.m.

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fawkkin kewl
fawkkin kewl

I'm dreaming of the day I see a mugshot of the day of the flaccid fool


Thank you to all of the New Times readers who voted to give me this most prestigous honor... ;o)

Mr. King, I am wondering if any of the previous recipients of the marvelous grand prize you have offered have collected their prize?  (Of course, the Mexican Pizza you awarded Eleanor for her great caption a couple of weeks ago is excluded from this question.)

I am asking because I do plan to take a day or two off from work to head down to the AZ Bar hearings when Arpaio and Hendershott will be testifying and I would like to come by and collect my grand prize (sans ICE and a couple of burgers) on my way home.

Is there any time restraint as to when I can collect my hand shake & luke warm glass of tap water?  If I text or call Ray and have him gather you, Mr. Lemons, Mr. Rubin and, of course, himself, would I be able to buy you all a fast food snack when I collect my prize?


All Illegal aliens should be allowed to apply for work permits but only while they are outside the United States in their home countries.


sorry, too busy to meet but please send the food stuff directly to the paper..Thx

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