One-Man Crime Spree Jamal Mitchell -- a Convicted Sex Offender -- Currently Charged With Child Molestation, Armed Robbery, and Murder

Jamal David Mitchell

​One look at convicted sex offender Jamal Mitchell's most-recent arrest report, and you'd think the guy's incapable of taking a breath without breaking the law, which wouldn't be too far from the truth.

A convicted sex offender/multiple felon who's served time in prison, Mitchell's now charged with a laundry list of crimes, including child molestation, armed robbery, and murder.

For his most-recent collar, Mitchell, according to court records obtained by New Times, staged a drug deal, during which he allegedly murdered one of his customers.

Mitchell met the victim, Nathaniel Kinsley, and another man, Elon Williams, at a KFC at Central Avenue and Dunlap Road in Phoenix Wednesday afternoon for the purpose of selling the two men three pounds of weed. The agreed upon price: $1,400.

Mitchell, it seems, never intended on giving the men any weed -- he moved the meeting to Williams' apartment complex, where he's alleged to have fatally shot Kinsley.

A woman who accompanied Mitchell to the drug deal later told police he never planned on selling the two men weed. He planned on stealing their money.

The woman says she was in a car in the parking lot of the apartment complex when she heard three shots. Then she saw Mitchell run through the parking lot holding a gun. As the car peeled out of the parking lot, the woman says she saw Kinsley on the ground.

Mitchell, however, assured her -- and two other people who were also in the vehicle -- that he "wasn't planning on that."

Statements from Williams and the passengers during the shooting led police to Mitchell, who, again, is a multiple felon who served a prison sentence for sodomizing a 15-year-old mentally challenged girl in 1993.

Because he's a registered sex offender, Mitchell's forced to disclose his address to authorities whenever he moves. So, police went to Mitchell's last known address, only to learn he'd been kicked out.

Detectives also learned of Mitchell's former residence, with a woman who had two children, a 3-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy.

The woman was told by a friend that Mitchell is a sex offender, so she asked her 3-year-old daughter if he'd ever touched her inappropriately. The 3-year-old told her mother -- and later told detectives -- that while she was watching cartoons one day, Mitchell called her into a bedroom, played a pornographic video, and performed oral sex on her.

The girl's mother then kicked Mitchell out of the house.

But Mitchell found another woman -- and her 11-year-old daughter -- willing to take him in.

The girl later told police that one morning she was sleeping in her mother's bed when she awoke to someone touching her vagina. When she opened her eyes. Mitchell was standing next to the bed.

Mitchell's one-man crime spree came to an end yesterday afternoon when he was arrested in the 2600 block of West Union Hills Avenue in Phoenix. He's lately charged with the following: two counts of child molestation, and one count each of sexual abuse, sexual conduct with a minor, armed robbery with a deadly weapon, changing his address without alerting authorities, possession of a weapon by a prohibited possessor, first-degree murder, and first-degree murder during the commission of a crime.

Mitchell's being held on $575,000 bail. 
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He killed my brother, shot him dead like he was nothing! I hope Karma  tear this soul less man to pieces! My brother was only 27 years older. Now a part of me has died!

Andrea Barbs
Andrea Barbs

Dr David Kenneth CochraneRegisteredSex Offender Six Counts of rape including minors, three counts ofindecent assault all involving patients dating back to the earlymillennium. Psychiatrist 6 months in Jail, 2 years probation,including 6 month license suspension. North Bay Canada Ontario andnow re-employed for the regional health centre.

Skiittlez2514 1 Like

He killed my daughters father a innocent man toke my tru love away frm me n now I can never hold him in my arms again I hope he gets ass raped beat the fuck up n root in prison

Repmyfam 1 Like

This is Nates brother  Dre in Chicago, his hometown, my heart goes out 2 all the women linked in this case, for which all were unaware of a sick indivdual. So i find myself saluting my little brother 4 taking a sacrifice 2 save several children from his spree. Everyone be aware of a must-have documentary Hidden Colors, AZ family copies on the way. Love

Cateyez74 1 Like

As above I stated I am the mother of a girl he molested and am deeply sorry for your loss. As he should have never been allowed to be on the streets for this to happen. I would suggest you and your family look into suing Phoenix Police Department for not putting him behind bars when they should have and I feel as if I might look into it myself as none of these stories I have been reading have the "real story" , I mean think about it...... this information has come from police reports obviously as nobody has asked me anything except a nice female detective that seems to be doing a good job trying to pursue this but for the Phoenix PD dropping the ball in 05' it is obvious that there records are shady and inaccurate!!!

Drummondjt 1 Like

I'm sorry for your loss, I new nastienate, he wasn't just my xbox potna, he was my friend. My best wishes go out to you and his family.


$575,000? While granted, he would never find that sum of money if it were to fall out of the sky, it does seem awfully low for a dispicable bastard like Douche....


I'm not sure what turns my stomach more, the fact this guy is a complete pervert and is getting women to let him live with them or that he is out running around after all of the things he has done in his past.

Women, why do you allow just anybody into the lives of your children?  I don't understand this....never have and I probably never will. 


Its a damn shame those mothers should be charged with some type of crime! how can they alliw just anybody to be around their childen.some people should.not be given the amazing gift of being a parent. They seem not to appreciate that wondetful redponsibility!


As the mother of the 3 yr old that is now 9, I am truly offened that you have the nerve to blame me for what some sick fuck has done to my BABY!!!! This story is first off not accurate as there was no "oral sex" and the bastard was out of my house before I found out what had happened!!! The PHX pd had come to my house on several occasions for domestic violence as he whopped my ass on a regular and never once did they inform me he was a sex offender..... prior to getting involved with this man I DID do my research.... I do not allow just anyone around my kids!!!! I had looked him up on ADOC and he had served time for Auto theft, that was the charge listed! I looked him up on and he is NOT listed as a sex offender, and if you look him up now he still does not come up!!! So he did time for car theft, ok I figured everyone makes mistakes!!! I had no clue as to what type of person he really was and the great state of arizona is no help in providing that information to the public. Don't you dare blame me, I have blamed myself enough as I felt I failed in protecting my child, I to this day have issues and have been a hermit and very non-trusting due to this issue. And for you to sit up on your high horse and judge me and this other woman when you don't know the whole story is pure ignorance,

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