Man Bites Dog (Redux) -- Then Gets Arrested

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For the second time this year, we have the pleasure of bringing you an actual man bites dog story.

The latest human to turn the table on man's best friend: 33-year-old John Kroll, who allegedly bit a police dog as he was getting arrested earlier this week.

According to court records, Police were called to an apartment near 83rd Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road Monday where Kroll had barricaded himself in a closet armed with a bat and a knife during an apparent burglary attempt.

A woman and her 11-year-old son were also in the apartment.

Cops let a police dog loose in the closet with Kroll -- who punched and kicked the dog before biting it in its right thigh.

Kroll, ultimately, was taken into custody -- and he apparently got a little banged up in the process.

John Kroll
He was booked into jail on one count each of burglary, assault, resisting arresting and harming a work service animal.

Back in March, we reported on a similar man bites dog story, also involving an alleged criminal attempting to fend off a police dog.

On March 19, 2010, Erin Sullivan broke into a Glendale home, his lawyer, Keith Knowlton told New Times earlier this year. When Sullivan realized the homeowner was in the house, he fled on foot, but police were already closing in on the would-be burglar.

Outside of the home, an officer had Sullivan at gunpoint and instructed him to stop running, but he continued to flee -- and the officer didn't shoot.

Sullivan continued to run until he found a place to hide -- all as police helicopters had been deployed to aid in his capture. 

"Erin found a hiding spot under a little dog house he pulled over himself," a complaint Sullivan filed against the Glendale and Phoenix police departments states. "He heard officers walk by him. He got out of the dog house and moved about twenty feet when he heard the helicopter and heard instruction to 'freeze.'""

According to his attorney, Sullivan knew the jig was up, and got on his knees and put his hands on his head.

That's when Sullivan met Officer Bryan Welsh -- and his dog -- who "came around the corner and appeared to be surprised to see Erin."

Sullivan says he was "told to move backwards 'slowly' from the object he was kneeling in front of. As he began to move backwards on his knees as instructed, Officer Welsh let the dog loose."

Sullivan says the dog bit him two or three times -- causing injuries that required about 40 staples to seal the wounds -- before he decided to bite back.

"When the dog went for Erin's neck area, Erin felt his life was in danger and hit and bit the dog on its nose," the report states.

After Sullivan bit the dog, the officers called it off -- and then blasted him with some pepper spray, which, his lawyer claims, was after he'd already surrendered and no longer posed a threat.

Following his arrest, Sullivan was taken to a Glendale City Jail, where he claims he told officers he was diabetic and needed insulin. The officers, Sullivan's lawyer claims, ignored his request and he had a seizure.

Sullivan, who is currently prison-bound for the burglary, seeks punitive damages for negligence, excessive force, and constitutional violations. The cities of Phoenix and Glendale, Officer Welsh, and three other police officers are named in the suit.

"They basically use dogs and Tasers on people all the time, even after they've surrendered" Knowlton tells New Times. "That's what this is about."

Maybe, but it's also about a guy who bit a dog, which is much more entertaining.  

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  Seems like human nature for a man to fight back when accosted, whether the one assaulting you is a a K-9, a cop or a criminal, I know I would.   While people of Hispanic and African American lineage do commit crimes why is it that when you read about white people it involves them getting caught because they are doing stupid shit?  Well it's certain that a black man would not make the mistake of walking into a telemarketing business and whip out his boner, evidently thinking it was his coke vial.  Nor was it a man (or woman) of hispanic that burgalized a Walmart for a sex change and new car (should have checked with the bad credit Car/Sex Change Sales office at Walmart first), must be genetic, the Dumb Ass gene.

Mikey Garaszczuk
Mikey Garaszczuk

You're all fucking stupid. This man was assaulted by police and all you care about is that fact that he bit the dog when he thought his life was endangered? smh. 


What's ironic is that these two winners actually know each other!


At least he didn't try and find a date with the dog on craigslist.

Tubes Fan
Tubes Fan

Look's like a beating for a biting.I hate thieves only a little more than thuggish pigs, bastards all.


I completely agree, but it's a natural process Yodabama. Just as blacks and mexicans kill each other at parties over things like a disagreement about a girlfriend, or who stole who's earphones,  there are stupid whites who either do away with themselves by going to prison, or permanently check out by doing drugs,etc. I hope I've clarified the matter for you amigo, in a more general way.


They aren't stupid. They think it's funny because the guy is a white citizen. Now if he was a border criminal from Narco-State , they would be explaining how his life was in danger while crying crocodile tears--assholes.


As long as they're not illegal aliens, right Amigo?

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