Luke Air Force Base Stabbing Deaths Ruled Murder-Suicide

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The bizarre deaths of two people at Luke Air Force Base over the weekend has been ruled a murder-suicide, authorities announced this morning.

The bodies of Gaudioso Gamilla, 62, and Vilma Gamilla, 61, were found stabbed to death inside the base's post office Sunday night after their son, who lives on the base, reported them missing Sunday morning.

According to the Glendale Police Department, Gaudioso Gamilla stabbed his wife to death before turning the knife on himself.

The knife, police say, was found at the scene.

Gaudioso Gamilla was a Department of Defense employee with credentials required to access the base. He had keys to access the post office after hours. His wife also had access, authorities say.

The two were found Sunday night after military security found their car parked outside of the post office after hours. Military security entered the post office, where they found the couple dead with multiple stab wounds.

Authorities have not announced a motive for the stabbing.

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

That is an incredibly unusual criminal incident. Most folks who kill themselves find other methods that don't take the 'courage' to plunge a knife into their body. Odd.

Native Guns
Native Guns

That is precisely what I was thinking. It takes a lot of courage combined with all the angst the killer was going through, in order to stab himself to death. It reminded me of what it used to be a Japanese tradition for failed businessmen to stab themselves with a Bushido blade of some sort.

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