Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayoral Candidate, Gets Support of Former Mayor Skip Rimsza

Categories: Election 2011
In the battle of endorsements by former mayors of future mayor-wannabe's, it looks like it's Greg Stanton 2, Wes Gullett 1-ish.

It would be 2 if you include someone who only served as mayor for 10 days.

Gullett has been endorsed by former Phoenix mayors Paul Johnson and John Nelson, now a state senator, who served briefly as mayor when Johnson resigned to run for governor.

Nelson's 10-day stint was over when the City Council appointed Councilwoman Thelda Williams as temporary mayor. So, we're not sure if Nelson really qualifies ...

Anyway ...

Stanton picked up endorsements by former Phoenix mayors Skip Rimsza and Terry Goddard, former state Attorney General.

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John Nelson was never mayor - he was a District 5 Councilman before Claude Mattox.


Nelson was the elected VIce-Mayor when Paul Johnson resigned to run for Governor.  By charter, Nelson became Mayor and held the title for 10 days until Thelda Williams was appointed by the Council to the office until the next opportunity for an election.  Rimsza won that race.  That was the year Phoenix had 4 mayors.  Johnson, Nelson, Williams, and Rimsza.


But does Nelson have a brick in the Orpheum Theatre courtyard?

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