George Lindell: "I Was Just Minding My Own Business - BAM! Internet Sensation!" Enjoy Your 15 Minutes, "Bro"

"Reality hits you hard, bro." - George Lindell
Last week, Valley resident George Lindell was just your average painter/drummer driving to a grocery store. Now, thanks to some reckless driving, and an over-the-top account of a car wreck, he's officially famous -- well...Internet famous.

Earlier this week we posted a video of Lindell describing a car wreck he'd been in, during which another driver crashed into a utility pole.

"Arcing', sparkin', blowin' up," Lindell told reporters in one of the most animated accounts of a car wreck we've ever seen. "It was like 'Bam!' I got hit hard, and it was like getting hit by a...train."

Following our post, the video went viral -- now, if you ask Lindell, "BAM!" He's an "Internet sensation!"

"I am the guy that everyone wants to have a beer with, bro. It's been a crazy ride, bro, and I was like Wuuuughghghghghgh," Lindell writes on his recently created Facebook "fan" page. "I live in the desert of Phoenix and will paint your house or business and then have kick it with a beer when I am done."

It takes more than a Facebook "fan" page to be a bona fide Internet sensation -- it takes a catch phrase, which Lindell has: "reality hits you hard, bro," which is now available on T-shirts, mugs, magnets, hats, and all the other standard knickknacks associated with Internet (ahem) stardom.

Check out all the junk merchandise here.

In addition to the knickknacks, Lindell's interview with MyFoxPhoenix has been turned into a music video, a la-Antoine Dodson.

Check out the music video, as well as the original interview, below.

Enjoy your 15 minutes, George...

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If the guy can bring out a few laughs, good for him.  Is he interested in running for Sheriff?  Our current Sheriff can't even drive.

Ji-Sook Yim
Ji-Sook Yim

favorite part of the video: BAM! and seeing his hat just fall off hahahahalso check out the piano cover of the remix!!


Compared to the the type of news Az is usually famous for, this guy is great.And, he comes across as saner than the usual state newsmakers.

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