Chamel Cabrera, 74, is Missing...Again

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Phoenic Police Department
Chamel Cabrera's missing...again.
You may recall when last month the Phoenix Police Department asked for the public's help in tracking down 74-year-old Chamel Cabrera. Well, they found him -- and now he's missing...again.

For the second time in less than 30 days, the Phoenix P.D. needs your help in locating Cabrera, who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease and high blood pressure and needs daily medication.

Cabrera was last seen yesterday morning at the home of family members north of 35th Avenue and West Beardsley Road in Phoenix.

Cabrera could be in a bit of trouble -- aside from not having his medication, he's "visiting" from Mexico and is unfamiliar with the area. He also only speaks Spanish.

Cabrera was last seen wearing a white short-sleaved collared shirt, faded blue jeans, black socks, and sandals.

Cabrera is described as Hispanic, about 5-foot-6, and 150 pounds. He has a shaved head and brown eyes.

Anyone with any info on Cabrera's whereabouts is asked to call the Phoenix P.D.'s Missing Persons Unit at 602-534-6151.

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

In all seriousness, it might be a good idea for the family to buy a gps tracking device (aka ankle bracelet) for this gentleman and have him wear it. In fact, PPD may have access to one of these devices and the family can pay the monthly fee for the thing... it may save his life one day soon, if it's not too late this time.


Tommy, might work but most of the people with Alzheimers I've seen will spend whatever amount of time it takes to remove or disable(inadvertently) the ankle bracelet.I don't want to mention the alternative to a bracelet because the lunatics who run this state might think it's a good idea.

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