Best Description of a Car Accident Ever. "Reality Hits You Hard, Bro" *VIDEO*

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"Reality hits you hard, bro." - George Lindell
Valley resident George Lindell was driving to a Boston Market in north Phoenix to grab some grub last week, when he was rear-ended by an SUV. The SUV then swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle, causing the driver to lose control and crash into a utility poll, bringing down power lines.

"It was like 'Bam!' I got hit hard, and it was like getting hit by a...train," Lindell, in the most animated recreation of a car wreck we've ever heard, told reporters.

Lindell escaped the wreck unscathed, but, as he also points out during his account of the wreck, "reality hits you hard, bro!"

The video is making the rounds on the Interwebs, and for good reason -- it's awesome.

Watch Lindell's account of last week's wreck below:

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"I still feel kind of shaken up, kind of crazy" ya think? tweakers.......


NEVER............NEVER interview a tweaker.

Triple-6 Gun Mane
Triple-6 Gun Mane

You ever spoke to a tweeker? I doubt it. They can't answer your question logically, much less know what they're talking about. This nut is just funny.

Too bad for you he ain't Mexican.


Yeah, back in the mid-90's my roommate and a friend that hung out at our place on the weekends decided to take up the habit. Not really sure why, though. They would drop $100-$200 on their score for the weekend, swearing that this time it would last "all weekend", and then smoke it all the first night.

Anyway, back on topic, they would smoke theirs rather than snort it, and then spend 2 or 3 STRAIGHT DAYS playing Super Mario Kart, not doing anything else, really 48-72 hours at a pop, and that is all they would do with their hundred+ dollars a week investment. Unfortunately for your theory, they were completely coherent, they could carry on conversations, they would just zone on the video game the rest of the time.

15 years later, I'm pretty much sure the friend will be an addict by now, but I have 100% confidence that the roommate s able to basically treat it as a short indulgence and move on...

Later on, I had a friend I stayed with for awhile who had a serious tweaking issue, and although she was a money vacuum, and was a complete loss when she was on the shit, she was once again very coherent in conversation.

"Suppose the nut in the video above was an actual meth head. Shouldn't he be the one at fault in this accident?"

Not if he got rear-ended, you idiot. Maybe when you start driving, you'll learn the rules of the road. In Arizona, even if someone slams dead on their brakes in the middle of an intersection, the car in the rear is responsible. If there is a multi-car collision at a stoplight, for instance, even the car that started the whole mess is only responsible for the car directly in front of them. Keep studying, and some day you'll get your license...


Nah,I worked on psych wards for over 20 yrs, so, obviously, I have no experience with people who use a drug which causes chemically induced psychosis. By the way, meth isn't a new drug,40 yrs ago, you could get it in El Paso for  $150 per oz.

You'd be surprised how coherent some psychotics can appear.


Please KKK, enlighten me by explaining what a "mental psychological mechanism" is.

Triple-6 Gun Mane
Triple-6 Gun Mane

That doesn't sound very professional from you, doesn't it?

"You'd be surprised how coherent some psychotics can appear."

That strictly depends on which or what mental psychological mechanisms you speak of. Suppose the nut in the video above was an actual meth head. Shouldn't he be the one at fault in this accident? Meth impairs your feeble brain, in which you are unable to focus clearly on the road. So it seems that your judgements are weak.

As for meth not being new, its actually been around since  World War 2.

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