Baseline Killer Case UPDATE: Accused Serial Murderer Mark Goudeau's Defense Team Calls No Witnesses

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Just got word that he defense team of Mark Goudeau, accused of murdering nine people in an infamous 2005-06 crime spree, will not be calling any witnesses to the stand at his ongoing trial.

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Mark Goudeau is looking directly at death row if convicted

​The stunning turn of events occurred after prosecutors rested after presenting months of testimony in what has been dubbed the "Baseline Killer" case, referring to the street in south Phoenix where Goudeau first started his series of crimes (sexual assaults) after his 2004 release from prison after serving more than a decade on an aggravated assault rap.

Defense attorney Randall Craig had promised jurors in opening statements--which, alas, are not testimony--that his side would be demonstrating police misconduct and other official wrongdoing that led to a rush to judgment (the benign view) or a vile conspiracy against the violent career con (a decidedly malevolent take).



Craig was expected to call a Phoenix police officer, Rusty Stuart, whose bizarre musings on the high-profile case as a wannabe detective were the subject of a New Times story which readers can find here.

Stuart's fanciful notions found favor in a six-minute "investigative" piece by Channel 15 that we wrote about here.

We would have loved to see Rusty on the witness stand, just saying.

As for Goudeau, already serving life for the sexual assaults of two Phoenix sisters, he will be facing a possible death sentence if the jury convicts him of first-degree murder.

Simply put, the body of evidence against this guy is compelling and chilling to the extreme.

Goudeau was "good" as a criminal, as a killer, as a sexual sadist. 

But, thankfully, he wasn't that good.

Still, the concept of "reasonable doubt" looms over every criminal case, as well it should. The trial of State of Arizona v. Mark Goudeau is no exception,

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin in Judge Warren Granville's courtroom on October 17.



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Wow how has everyone become so callus. My cousin is Georgia Thompson. Everyone is so worried about someone getting on or getting off. It would be awesome if you would all just think about getting THE TRUTH. There were victims who were harmed killed leaving behind even more victims the families. It does just end at just the victim it ripples into my aunt my cousins my mother myself and my children. Those ripples are caused by one person. It would be awesome to find the truth but realistically dead or alive on this earth sooner or later whoever did this will face the ultimate jury not of his(her) peers but of the lord. No one should judge anyone as mans way is not gods way. But god knows the truth and god will be just and furious if needbe. I have no illwill towards Wendy Carr she believes her guy is innocent. Is she guilty because she has blind faith should you all condemn her. I don't know the truth but I hold on to one fact that who ever what ever there will be justice maybe not on this earth but there will be. No matter who it is. Maybe all of you should take that into your hearts instead of all the hatred and dismay. Take the lord into your hearts and let him do what he is meant to do.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Defense Rests

It was a stunning development when Mark’s attorney rested last Thursday. They will not be putting on a defense. Because not only did the State not prove its case, but their experts and witnesses only helped Mark’s defense team bring the holes, corruption, and inconsistencies to light. Witnesses were impeached and experts, at least those with integrity, made admissions that showed the flaws in everything from the DNA to the ballistics. When a prosecution is built on nothing but lies and fabrications, it’s impossible to fill the holes. 

Time and time again the defense was asked “When is the State going to show something.” They never did, so the defense rested. 


The state hasn't proved their case.  No need to put on a defense.  The State did it for them.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

I have to wonder if his 'wife' still thinks he is being framed? Maybe she has moved on and is cohabiting with yet another framed convict recently released...

The defense rested without calling witnesses. I guess their next move with be to request either a mistrial or outright dismissal of all charges.

I wonder why there is a four or five week wait until closing arguments.

Prosecution: "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury he is guilty and that is what you will find him as".

Defense: "It's entirely possible that his wife perpetrated these acts as a way of getting even with him for something. Please find him not guilty. Or partially guilty. Or guilty by reason of need to kill. But not just plain guilty. He didn't really mean to hurt anyone. Wups, Your Honor can I say that"?

(Nope. I'm not a lawyer, but I used to watch Perry Mason.)


Hey Tommy Collins- You're an idiot. Didn't see you mention a shred of evidence in your post.  Oh, but neither did the State in court. 


Um, have sat in the courtroom on a daily basis  I think the State did present enough evidence to prosecute! What about DNA fools isn't that evidence. Wow!


bullet casings and DNA aren't enough for you?

the evidence in this case is overwhelming to say the least.

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