Andrew Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon's Defense in Disbarment Hearing Looks Weak in Opening Statements

aubuchon pool shot.JPG
Image: Court pool photo
Lisa Aubuchon takes notes during the opening statements of her State Bar disciplinary proceeding. Andrew Thomas stayed clear of the court on Monday.
id a cabal of county supervisors, judges, lawyers and others work together to block legit police investigations into allegations of public corruption?

Or did a political hack and his underlings join forces with a corrupt sheriff to trample over civil rights and legal ethics in order to retaliate against their political enemies?

After hearing the opening statements today in the disciplinary proceeding against former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, we'd have to go with the latter.

The proceeding before State Bar Disciplinary Judge William O'Neil and two other panelists is expected to last up to 45 days, but now we're even less confident -- if possible -- that some new piece of evidence will be revealed to make Thomas look like a hero.

State Bar investigator John Gleason laid out the case succinctly against Thomas in his statement, noting the scary fact that when people crossed paths with Thomas, Sheriff Arpaio, or Arpaio's disgraced former chief deputy, Dave Hendershott, they could expect "to be sued, criminally charged or both by the county attorney."

thomas andrew 031110.jpg
Image: Ray Stern
Andrew Thomas wasn't at today's State Bar disciplinary hearing -- which was probably a good thing for his ego.
Gleason went first in today's hearing, kicking off the unprecedented case in which a former Arizona county attorney is facing potential disbarment for actions he took in criminal investigations. Thomas' former hatchet-woman, Lisa Aubuchon, also faces disbarment for her role in the questionable attempted prosecutions. Another former deputy county attorney, Rachel Alexander, faces suspension of her law license.

Disbarred attorneys may reapply to work as lawyers in the state -- after five years.

Thomas' legal hijinks are well known to New Times readers -- we'd warned you about him since before he was elected in 2004. Before Thomas joined Arpaio to attack their enemies within the county, they tried unsuccessfully to close down New Times with a bogus criminal investigation.

Gleason and the State Bar outlined their charges last year against Thomas, Aubuchon, and Alexander following Gleason's investigation into their actions. Today, Gleason couldn't help but use a line from the 2010 report, saying the case involved "a four-year period of prosecutorial abuse by Mr. Thomas and Ms. Aubuchon."

But he went much further, saying Thomas and Aubuchon "repeatedly engaged in repeated persecution" of Thomas' enemies.

Thomas had lots of political foes. He fought with judges about DUI courts for Spanish speakers and a law that denied bail to illegal immigrants. Most importantly, Gleason says, he battled with the county Board of Supervisors over who could appoint outside lawyers to lucrative county work. Thomas wanted to appoint his buddies, while the Supes had other ideas.

aubuchon law photo.jpg
Lisa Aubuchon
Ultimately, Supervisors Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox ended up indicted with multiple felonies, and Superior Court Judge Gary Donahoe was charged in a direct complaint with bribery and other crimes.

Not coincidentally, those three officials, plus a host of other judges, lawyers, and county officials ended up investigated by the Sheriff's Office for various offenses. The infamous federal racketeering complaint filed by Thomas sought to link the cabal, plus other county officials and the entire Board of Supervisors, in a grand conspiracy. The suit was later dropped by Thomas and Arpaio.

The "real reason" for the investigations, charges, and RICO suit, says Gleason, was to retaliate against, embarrass, and burden Thomas' foes. The evidence will show that the criminal charges didn't "carry out the legitimate function of the County Attorney's office."

Aubuchon helped Thomas nearly every step of the way, Gleason says.

In the coming days and weeks, Gleason says the panel will hear from witnesses from the County Attorney's office and MCSO who initially worked on some of the cases, then backed away after seeing serious ethical problems.

Followers of this debacle already have heard about Aubuchon allegedly telling deputies to use "creative writing" in fashioning one shady search warrant. Gleason says Aubuchon also told a deputy to "put a little fluff above, and a little fluff below" another search warrant.

The deputies with Arpaio and Thomas' now-disgraced Maricopa Anti-Corruption Enforcement team will testify that "everything was backward" in the politically charged investigations. Instead of doing an investigation and taking it to the county attorney, the county attorney's people took a case to them and demanded an investigation.

"Bizarro world," was the way one MACE deputy put it, Gleason says.

The multiple felonies alleged against Stapley, Wilcox, and Donahoe were cooked up -- but poorly. Stapley, for instance, was accused of failing to list business income on his financial disclosure form -- yet many of the charges were brought after the one-year statute of limitations had expired.

Thomas and Aubuchon knew the case was filed after the expiration, Gleason maintains. At least one MACE detective recognized the problem and told Aubuchon, but "nonetheless, criminal charges were filed," Gleason says.

As it turned out, the Board of Supervisors had never adopted the rules for financial-disclosure forms, meaning that failing to fill them out wasn't really illegal. Those charges against Stapley  later were dismissed.

Gleason describes the investigation into the building of a new court tower as a "fishing expedition" intended to uncover some -- any -- improprieties of Thomas and Arpaio's foes.

Rachel Alexander.jpg
Rachel Alexander
It shouldn't be much of a problem for Gleason to show that, from the beginning, the investigation lacked any evidence of a motive or crime -- New Times revealed as much in a February of 2010 article.

Gleason also paints a portrait of a "chaotic, desperate and angry" attempt to get Judge Donahoe charged with a crime before he could hold a hearing on whether Thomas would get to appoint special prosecutors in the Stapley and Wilcox cases. Mark Stribling, a commander with the County Attorney's office who'll be testifying in the disciplinary proceeding, "refused to allow his officers to participate" in the process, Gleason says.

Thomas and Aubuchon succeeded in charging the judge, however. A deputy who had signed off on the charging document immediately gave a copy to Hendershott, who was on a couch in Arpaio's office.

With the sheriff present, Gleason says, Hendershott took the paperwork and said, "Checkmate."

Hearing Gleason say that, we couldn't help but think of the sheriff's ridiculous claim that he knew nothing of Hendershott's shady investigations. We've already proved -- based on official documents -- that Arpaio was neck-deep in these scandals, but we'll take this as yet another smoking gun.

There's another side in these disciplinary proceedings -- Bizarro World.

As we noted in our earlier post today, Thomas was noticeably absent from today's hearing. His lawyer, Donald Wilson, claims in his opening statement that Thomas was "stonewalled and stymied" in his quest to rid the county of public corruption by "bitter and powerful antagonists."

Problems between Stapley and Thomas actually began soon after Thomas was elected, Wilson says, when Stapley offhandedly told Thomas that he "didn't like" the law that says the county attorney is the lawyer for the Board of Supervisors.

"He wanted to amend it so he could pick his own counsel," Wilson says.

gleason john.jpg
John Gleason
And in early 2005, former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley reportedly told Thomas to "watch out" for Stapley, he says.

Neither of those alleged facts impressed us. For one thing, Stapley's just one of five supervisors -- he couldn't decide on his own to replace Thomas. The "watch out for Stapley" line doesn't seem like evidence of squat, especially considering in retrospect that it was Stapley who had something to worry about.

The Supes and Thomas settled their dispute on the hiring of outside lawyers with an agreement not to sue each other. After Thomas had Stapley indicted and the board chose to hire Phoenix lawyer Tom Irvine as its counsel, Thomas sued the county. But Thomas' problem with Irvine went even further: He'd heard that in late 2006 or early 2007, Stapley had asked a judge to hire Irvine as a "space planner" for the court tower construction project. The now-retired judge, Barbara Mundell, told Hendershott about the conversation with Stapley.

Thomas, when he heard about it, thought the conversation might be evidence of a "bribery situation," Wilson says.

Wilson says, based on those concerns, he asked Phoenix attorney Mark Goldman to "research connections" between Stapley and Irvine.

Goldman is the Sheriff Arpaio supporter whom Arpaio reportedly once had flown to a shooting range by MCSO helicopter just for fun.

Goldman was "not told to conduct an investigation" with his research, Wilson claims, and had "no discussions about this beyond it being a research investigation -- they did not discuss crimes, conduct or statute of limitations."

This, dear reader, is the set up for the explanation of why evidence exists that Goldman apparently researched Stapley's financial holdings and disclosure forms in early 2007. Thomas needs this sort of explanation, because if Goldman were researching the criminal case against Stapley that early, the indictment clearly came after the statute of limitations expired.

Then Wilson's tale gets really hard to believe: In mid-2008, Thomas called Goldman to ask if he still had the notebook containing the Stapley research.

arpaio 031110.jpg
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Thomas has "no memory" of why he asked Goldman to get the notebook at that time, Wilson claims, incredibly.

Nor did Thomas think about the statute of limitations -- Wilson suggests such nitty-gritty detail was below Andy's pay-grade.

A massive subpoena subsequently filed against the county for documents related to the court tower was simply trying to get at more of the possible conspiracy involving Stapley and Irvine, Wilson says.

No evidence of crimes was ever found in the documents, we'll note here.

On the racketeering case, Wilson claims that senior lawyers in the County Attorney's Office didn't want to work on it because it was a "political hot potato."

That's too convenient of an excuse, of course, since Gleason will have some of those senior lawyers testifying about the ethical breaches they witnessed related to that case.

Wilson tries to connect the dots of the imagined conspiracy between Stapley, Irvine, Donahoe, and other players, but we've never been smart enough to understand that one. Donahoe didn't disqualify Irvine as as Supes lawyer even though Irvine was a "target" in the court tower investigation and Donahoe presided over an appeal of a search warrant by one of Stapley's financial benefactors and Donahoe wouldn't cooperate with investigators... It's all quite mysterious. Yawn.

Some of that stuff sounds like an excuse for bad behavior by Thomas, to be sure, but not a rational explanation for things such as the bogus racketeering suit and meritless bribery charge against Donahoe.

After Wilson concludes, Ed Moriarity, Aubuchon's Montana lawyer, gets his chance. This guy's a piece of work -- rotund, silver-haired, with a trimmed, white beard. Sometimes he can barely get his words out as he stammers with excitement. He begins his opening statement with a 10-minute dissertation on why lawyers are great.


"Who is Lisa Aubuchon?" he asks after the long preamble. By that time, we're wondering if he was ever going to get the point.

"She's a mother, she's a wife, she's been married 24 years to her husband, Peter. He's a sales manager in the electronics field," he says.

Her parents were a big influence. Her father was a lawyer and former court commissioner. Aubuchon graduated from law school in 1990. She later went to work for Grant Woods, former Arizona attorney general. He recognized her talents and promoted her, Moriarity gushes.

In 1996, she went to the Maricopa County Attorney's office, where she worked until she was fired.

"She's not a career politician, not in politics," he says. "She was a tough prosecutor. She wouldn't file cases unless she believed them. Unless she knew what she was doing was right."

Aubuchon didn't have any knowledge of the research Goldman was doing on Stapley, he says, and she didn't have anything to do with MACE until 2008.

"She can't wait to get on the stand and talk to you gentlemen and tell you the entire story about what happened," he says.

She didn't really know Stapley, Wilcox, and the others, Moriarity says, and therefore could have had no animosity towards them.

More Bizarro World stuff: Moriarity claims the real reason the sheriff's detectives didn't want to sign the complaint against Donahoe was because they were worried what the judge might do. After all, Moriarity describes, Donahoe had threatened to release inmates from jail if the Sheriff's Office didn't start getting inmates to court on time.

While the part about Donahoe is true, the deputies whom Gleason plans to put on the stand apparently aren't going to say that's why they didn't want to sign the Donahoe complaint.

Moriarity claims Aubuchon is getting the rawest of deals -- he says she was even put on virtual "house arrest" during an investigation into her actions. She was on a leave of absence for 10 months, and because she was paid, she had to get permission from the County Attorney's Office to leave her house, he says.

A "checker" came by and questioned her about leaving her house once while she was just taking out the garbage, he says.

Before Aubuchon left, "one of the things she was trying to clear up" was the case against Supervisor Andy Kunsasek related to the sweep of county offices for hidden electronic listening devices. Though Thomas already had resigned his office in an (ultimately failed) quest to seek the post of state Attorney General, Aubuchon sent the case to Daisy Flores, the Gila County Attorney. Even Flores says Aubuchon didn't do anything wrong in doing that, Moriarity claims.

Yet he's leaving something out -- Aubuchon sent the case without telling Flores that it had already been rejected by a grand jury.

Moriarity says the defense's "theme" will be that Lisa Aubuchon didn't do anything wrong: "She just did her job."

She simply didn't have the "bad intent" required to prove the allegations in the bar complaint, he says.

Thomas and Aubuchon "did what they thought was in the best interest of taxpayers," he claims.

Both Thomas and Aubuchon later submitted multi-million claims against the county. Thomas withdrew his, but Aubuchon still wants $22.5 million. Really, though, her chief concern is the best interest of taxpayers.

Aubuchon gave Moriarity a big hug when he was done.

Rachel Alexander's attorney, Scott Zwillinger, had the best of the defenses. Alexander's role was minimal compared to that of Thomas or Aubuchon. She's accused only of helping out on the failed racketeering suit. Zwillinger maintains that she had no motive or intent to attack Thomas' political foes -- most poignantly, he claims that a County Attorney's Office supervisor monitored, approved, and essentially directed her actions.

Interestingly, Zwillinger and Alexander appear prepared to throw Thomas under the bus as part of her defense.

Zwillinger claims, for example, that an "e-mail trail" records the "final word about strategy decisions" in the racketeering suit came from either Alexander's supervisor, Peter Spaw, or from the big guy himself, Thomas.

Okay, we have to admit that we're not going to sit in on this trial every day for the next month and a half. We'll try to make it for the days with key witnesses -- Arpaio is one.

Meantime, we'll be keeping at least one eye on the disciplinary proceeding as it airs on the state Supreme Court's live-streaming website, and we'll post on any major developments.

For Thomas and his former crew, the next 45-or-so days probably will go too quickly.

Click here for a handout given to court observers by Gleason, which contains a sparse timeline and a glossary of terms used in the proceeding.

Click here for the list of witnesses expected in the hearings.

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Concerned Citizen / Taxpayer
Concerned Citizen / Taxpayer

Prosecutorial Misconduct - nationwide kick-offhttp://www.prosecutorialoversi...Veritas Initiative - Preventable Error: A Report on Prosecutorial Misconduct in California 1997-2009http://www.veritasini..."In 2010, NCIP's Veritas Initiative published the ground-breaking report: Preventable Error: A Report on Prosecutorial Misconduct in California 1997-2009, the most comprehensive statewide study ever undertaken on the misconduct of public prosecutors in state and federal courts.  In summary, the report showed systemic and serial prosecutorial misconduct with little to no accountability. The result being hundreds of years lost for those falsely accused. One such case was our client, Obie Anthony, freed just this month, who spent 17 years in prison wrongfully convicted due to prosecutorial misconduct. Our report listed 10 recommendations for reform in California. NCIP is actively working on furthering those recommendations through additional exploration and study as well as actively working in California to push for statewide reform. Today we are excited to announce that as a result of the national attention our research has garnered, we have been asked for our expertise and leadership in this area and to join forces with the Innocence Project, the Innocence Project New Orleans, and Voices of Innocence for a six state tour where we will be showing state by state evidence of prosecutorial misconduct. This has moved very quickly and I am writing this letter to you from Washington D.C. where we are holding a press conference in Washington D.C. announcing the tour. I have attached the press release which we think you will be interested in, and we will be keeping you posted on any attention this generates. Watch this morning's press conference at today after 4 pm PDT, and "like" our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on this and all the latest NCIP and Veritas news.

seeking the truth
seeking the truth

After following these tyrants for years with no accountability running rough-shod over the people, and now listening to the hearings -- we believe the cabal is (in part): ex-Maricopa County DA/Attorney Andrew Thomas, Deputy County Attorney charging prosecutor Lisa Aubuchon, Deputy County Attorney (blogging assistant to Andrew Thomas) Rachel Alexander, Sally Wells, Lottstein (Ray Krone, an innocent man, wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned for almost two decades) ; Sheriff arpaio/chief deputy Hendershott, Fox, Black et al.

Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen

Arizona legislators need to hold prosecutors accountable, take immunity away from them as they have shown for years (decades) a pattern of abuse of power. Once immunity is removed their witch hunts will cease and the taxpayers will save hundreds of millions of $$'s that could be used for education, health and constructive community building.

PM – Preventable Error: A Report on Prosecutorial Misconduct in California | Veritas Initiativehttp://www.veritasin...


"Rachel Alexander's attorney, Scott Zwillinger, had the best of the defenses. Alexander's role was minimal compared to that of Thomas or Aubuchon. She's accused only of helping out on the failed racketeering suit. Zwillinger maintains that she had no motive or intent to attack Thomas' political foes -- most poignantly, he claims that a County Attorney's Office supervisor monitored, approved, and essentially directed her actions."

Oh, really???  Read the links 2007, Matt Bandy and more...

seeking the truth
seeking the truth

2007 was a reign of terror on the "ordinary" people no one is writing about. This is who they practiced on with abuse of power. Their arrogance moved them up to the officials and judges.

 Classically Liberal: They couldn't win in court so they smear a teen in the press. The Matt Bandy case returns. http://freestudents.blogspot.c...


Their defense is weak because there is no excuse for the actions pulled by these miscreants.

The FF of MCSO will more than likely say that he knows nothing and will blame Blimpie for the whole fiasco. However, those of us with a brain, 2 brain cells to rub together, and who read and follow NT will know that the MCSO shurf is full of BS each and every time he opens his mouth.  


  The beginning to the end for a lot of political deviants in this state.  Thanks to the efforts of a large number of people, some who actually post on these threads, there is a multi-front attack on the corruption that has become this states political stock and trade.  As each of these scenarios unfold evidence and statements of indictment are surfacing against other major players and their roles (ie Arpiao, Hendershott etc).    The tenacity of this paper and the players involved has been a marvel, balls to the wall journalism to the point that the targets can't take a  crap without providing a transcript and written proof that it was actually their shit being expelled!    In the end, the citizens of this state will owe a great deal to the little local "tabloid" called NEWTIMES, history will show that it's owners, journalist and influences got the ball rolling in the fight against corruption.  The pen is truly mightier than the sword.


Well I certainly would be happy to see this proceeding take down the Sheriff and his band of miscreants.  At the very least blow a big hole in his ego.

Law Student
Law Student

Heh, I doubt Thomas would have won his lawsuit as the evidence against him is strong and damning. We will save the costs of litigation though, if only the taxpayers could sue Thomas for the money he will cost us from other lawsuits, then maybe there would be something approximating justice in this justice deprived city/state.Any beginning student of law who has finished the most redimantary legal ethics class can see that Thomas and Aubuchon have violated principle legal ethics and made mistakes law students are urged to watch out for from practically day one of their law schooling. So yes, everything must be done to prevent these two scofflaws from practicing law as they have sullied their own chosen profession with their under estimating the naivete or fear that have previously caused others to buckle under to their unethical and arrogant manner of practicing law. I find it amazing that these two idiots thought they could get away with such blatant unethical behavior and that they have told their big lies so often they believe it themselves. Only by prosecuting and pulling these two morons BAR licenses can we hope to discourage such abhorent practices by others in the future.

The maricopa republican party by making statements that this action of attempting to remove the licenses of two unethical lawyers is insane and is evidence of their lack of objectivity and/or the worst of political propaganda to lessen the damage this does for their party. The accusation that the BAR is so polarized to leftist ideals is proposterous considering how many repub lawyers are members. The fact they can't see or admit that Thomas and Aubuchon violated very simple and basic tenets of ethics is wearing blinders at best, but I guess par for the course for win at all costs republicans in this state.

For the record I am neither republican or democrat no libertarian as none appear to hold the truth to the best manner in which to run govt. Too bad more people do not fall into the trap of polarized dualistic politics. As usual the elections will continue to be a game of voting for a lesser evil.


By dropping his claims/lawsuits, Andrew Thomas has effectively donated $47,000,000 to the county and state.  This is the money he would have won in litigation against the county and state.  We also don't have to spend several million dollars in litigation and appeals.  We further do not have the risk of a jury awarding $200,000,000 in damages once they saw how powerful people were thwarting investigations into serious corruption.  Now, with a quarter-billion dollar olive branch out there, do we really need to attack his license to practice law?

Before you shoot me, I am just wondering what sort of rationale the Maricopa County GOP could have used in justifying their condemning of the present proceedings.  Why would you want to hitch your horse to a wagon with 3-1/2 broken wheels?  If it is beneficial for the County GOP to stick its nose in this issue and call it "baseless" without hearing the evidence, I have to ask why?  What value is Thomas to the republican party now?  What sort of people do we have in the GOP that support Thomas's actions?  Is this what the County GOP is all about.  Break all the laws and rules you want if you do the party's bidding?

This is not my GOP any longer.


How come the New Times coverage of this is a lot better than the Arizona Republic's coverage?  I have never seen that.  Usually in a city the primary paper of daily circulation is a lot more comprehensive than the weekly entertainment journal.


"Interestingly, Zwillinger and Alexander appear prepared to throw Thomas under the bus as part of her defense."


I believe that Zwillinger was not holding back too much on stating that Aubuchon prepared the RICO case as well. 


I listened to the thing on the Court streaming service.  It was not bad in quality.  Sure beat the traffic and parking.  Heck!  If I had shown up to see Andy wet himself, I would have missed that anyway since this was not important enough for him to grace the tribunal with his esteemed presence.

I agree that Rachel has the best defense and believe that is because her actions are somewhat defensible and on whole are less egregious than the other two. 

Even though they are weak, defenses for Thomas and Aubuchon are probably as strong and comprehensive as they can be.  I would not fault the lawyers if they look weak.  The actions of Thomas and Aubuchon are generally indefensible, but they will try.  (At least Thomas's lawyer will show up and try to defend him.)  Defending them is like painting a turd.  No matter how great a paint job you do, in the end it still smells like a turd.

We really need to have the Babeu report to see how that contradicts what AARPaio will say on the stand.  He is a wild card these days, praising Obama the other day on Fox News Channel.    


Maybe if Alexandra not only washed and combed here hair for court, her lawyer sounding like Kermit the frog on the video stream wouldn't have been so funny!

And Aubuchon's "pro Bono" goofball?  Heck, why didn't she try the local legal services before she whet to "clueless bunker Johnny" from Montana!

And Thomas.  Was he at home with his blanket?  He didn't have the balls to show his face in court.  But that's this poor little slug....

Concerned Citizen / Taxpayer
Concerned Citizen / Taxpayer

This report along with the Duke/Nifong disbarment case should have served as a warning to Maricopa County Attorney's office, Andrew Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon, Rachel Alexander and others who abuse the awesome power of the DA/County Attorney's office. They have NO accountability and are given absolute immunity. That is why they can answer in the hearings with such arrogance and smugness leaving Arizona taxpayers to pay for their destruction of a once fine state. The nation is watching Arizona's shameful history unfolding before our eyes. Those who remained silent and did nothing are complicit. Those who were elected and no nothing to correct travesties of justice will be exposed and follow the same fate or worse. You were elected to get these corrupt law enforcers out of office, NOT to continue the corruption that is entrenched in Maricopa County and the state of Arizona. 

People are paying attention. It will no longer be hidden from view. Arizona is a failed disgraceful state, where a handful of people have manipulated and used the state for billions of $$'s at the peoples expense with their lives, livelihoods;  taxpayers bilked with a "feel-good" media the deceived the public. Taking press releases from a county sheriff or a county attorney -- joined at the hip -- without further investigation is reporting at its worst. Local media you could have stopped this if the people had been properly informed prior to the 2008 elections. From the time Thomas took office in 2005, there was three years of a reign of terror on the county with SWAT teams, police helicopters, witch-hunts and more that should have been in the AZ Republic and local TV talking heads shows to warn the public what was happening. Meanwhile, they allowed Sheriff Arpaio to make a mockery of law enforcement and Andrew Thomas a mockery of the justice system and the Constitution. 

They ALL should never be allowed in law enforcement, jails/prisons and to practice law. They all need new careers cleaning up their messes as prison inmates earning 15 cents an hour. Send them into Arizona's farming fields where the big farm-owners are looking for cheap labor. 

Concerned Citizen and Taxpayer
Concerned Citizen and Taxpayer

If they can falsely accuse a presiding judge of the criminal court what have they done to the innocent who are part of the 200,000 felony cases Andrew Thomas bragged about during his unsuccessful run in the GOP primary for state attorney general? Who is going to step up and right the wrongs in these cases? We need Barry Scheck to come help like he did in Dallas, Texas after DA Craig Watkins was elected. Watkins exonerated over 400 innocent individuals who were held in Texas prisons for decades. Texas is now a role model for prison reform because they were forced to clean up their corruption. Its time Arizona learns from Texas and California's mistakes. DA's/prosecutors like Thomas,  Aubuchon and Alexander have ignored the growing abuse of power and prosecutorial misconduct cases that have contributed to the mass incarceration of not only Arizona but the nation, "growing" the prison population for whose benefit?  


There are the blogs where she openly attacked others in the county, even though she claimed to be a lawyer for the county.  She might not be disbarred, but even the lawyers on the back of the yellow pages will laugh at her!


We know that the FF will not be able to blame it on Black and Fox.  They are each others alibi.  That leaves the bulk on FF's finger pointing toward Henderbulk.


The " value " would be,, he knows something shady about the GOP here...


-=--= I am just wondering what sort of rationale the Maricopa County GOP could have used in justifying their condemning of the present proceedings.  Why would you want to hitch your horse to a wagon with 3-1/2 broken wheels? =-==-

the answer to your question is because the GOP is creating an environment where they point and should "politics!! they are playing politics!" and their core crowd swallows it up.what you see here is a crash course is propaganda.  the media has been marginalized to the point of being "the lame stream leftwing media" that reporting the facts is meaningless to their base.  

All they have to do is make this statement, and people  believe it.

Watching things like this unfold is what scares me to death about the modern GOP.  It's terrifying when you think about it.


1FD, When the big city paper fails to expose the truth the city, county and state finds itself where it is today -- a deep, black sinking hole. They've turned a blind eye to their cronies until they were forced to do their job. They've been late to the party and now Arizona taxpayers and citizens have to pay the price. An uninformed citizenry voted these corrupt officials into office as they moved on and up in power, moved into their lucrative retirement pensions and double and triple dipping.


It's all in the ownership along with the "media trends" that Rupert Murdock(sp?) and his crew established.  


The Republic gave up serious coverage of news a while back. It used to be a paper with stones. USED to be. That was back in the 70s.


When you mention "throwing Thomas under the bus" are you referring to the "Short Yellow Political Bus"?  Ms Anderson should have taken the military approach from the get go... learn to recognize unlawful orders and project the consequences and above all CYA...Cover Your Ass with proper documentation.  That sir is an indictment against her handlers. 


That's insulting to Kermit the Frog.

"Her lawyer sounding like Kermit the Frog on the video stream wouldn't have been so funny!"


 Please someone come in and investigate these cases.  And as I said before, please start with Courtney Bisbee!  I know her parents, and I know how hard they have been working for so many years to fix this.  And I know that if the system could get so many things wrong in her case, it could easily get at least one thing wrong in hundreds or possibly thousands more cases.


Indeed. That's what I said. The MCSO shurf doesn't know anything and will say that Blimpie was the one in charge of the whole ordeal. Blimpie ordered the arrests of Don Stapley. Blimpie ordered the charges against Donahoe. Blimpie ordered the MCSO to stake out everyone's homes. Blimpie ordered searches of the MCBOS offices.

We know that the FF is full of it. Arpaio told Polk that he had probable cause to arrest Stapley. Arpaio held a press conference blasting the judge for holding Stoddard in contempt, etc.


It really is sad how republicans have taken such a low unethical road in this state. Pearce and his followers practice the worst of political election practices, arpaio is horrible as well and both rely on out of state money to spread their propaganda. It makes me sick and stokes my desire to leave this state for one where there is at least an attempt at being ethical.


Agreed. As I have paid closer and closer attention to various news sources in this town, I have definitely found gannett who owns the republic and azcentral to have ignored very newsworthy stories on many occasions. As well as ignoring crimes that happen in bad areas of town but making sure those that happen in scottsdale get reported on.

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