Suspect in Fatal Tempe Stabbing Busted in Mesa

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Tempe Police Department
Police say Gordon Benson stabbed a Tempe man Saturday morning.
The man police say fatally stabbed Tempe resident Fred U. Bustamante was arrested yesterday in Mesa, the Tempe Police Department announced last night.

The suspect, 60-year-old Gordon Benson, was arrested in Mesa about 6:15 p.m. yesterday, Tempe Sergeant Steve Carbajal says.


Police haven't released a lot of information about the Saturday morning stabbing other than Bustamante was stabbed at his home on Apache Boulevard east of McClintock Drive.

It's unclear if the two men knew each other, or what motive Benson would have to kill Bustamante. Carbajal has not released any details of the stabbing and says none will released until later today.

Check back for updates.

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Or the Tempe Police drove to Mesa to get him. Duh.


That is twice that I am aware of that the Mesa police have arrested bad guys who allegedly did bad stuff in Tempe.  Way to go Mesa PD. 

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