"Rogue Panda" Not Actually on "Rampage" in Flagstaff

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Arizona Daily Sun
Run for your life!
Contrary to an alert broadcast on an Arizona Department of Transportation-controlled electronic street sign, a "rogue panda" is not on a "rampage" in Flagstaff.

Yesterday morning, motorists traveling on Fort Valley Road in Flagstaff were met with a sign that was supposed to warn drivers about no left turns at the upcoming intersection

Instead, it warned that a "rogue panda was on [a] rampage."

Pandas, as you're probably aware, are not native to Flagstaff. Nor, can we imagine, are they capable of going "rogue." Needless to say, the sign raised a few eyebrows.

Obviously, the sign was just a (really awesome) prank.

Flagstaff police did not immediately return our call this afternoon, but a spokesman for the law enforcement agency tells the Arizona Daily Sun that "we want to assure all citizens of Flagstaff that there is no problem with rogue pandas."

Well that's a relief.

We contacted ADOT to find out how easy it would be for someone to hack into one of these electronic street signs. The agency's spokesman, Dustin Krugel, tells New Times "we will not be doing any interviews about the altered street sign in Flagstaff yesterday."

Sounds like someone's a little embarrassed...

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

shoot, shott, whatever. You could easily have simply typed, "Inflated rectal orifice" and readers would have known who you were talking about...

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Apparently MCSO was called and asked to assist. MCSO said unless there was a validated violation of the weakling SB-1070 they weren't interested.. unless, of course, the panda looked like they might be illegal..


I heard that they brought in rogue Pandas to deal with the overpopulation of killer smurfs.

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