Morning Poll: Are You Buyin' Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman's Son's "A" Mountain Assault Story?

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Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman
Something about Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman's son's story about getting assaulted while on "A" Mountain Wednesday night doesn't add up.

We're not necessarily saying he wasn't assaulted, but the story doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

According to the Tempe Police Department, Eli Hallman, 18, was on "A" Mountain about 2 a.m. when he was assaulted by three men.

Tempe police investigated the area and found no evidence of an assault, no crime scene, no suspects, and no witnesses. And now Eli Hallman says he does not desire prosecution in the case.

Not to mention, the person who called police reported that he'd fallen while rock climbing.

We asked Tempe Sergeant Steve Carbajal if there's a chance Hallman is making up the story about the assault.

"We can't say that right now," he tells New Times. "He has injuries and alleges an assault, so we can't discredit that."

We sent Mayor Hallman an email last night asking for some clarification. It was late, and he didn't immediately get back to us. However, he's told other media outlets that his son's memory was a bit shaky because of his injuries. In other words, Eli may not be lying about the assault, he might just not remember exactly what happened.

In any event, we want to know what you think: are you buyin' Eli Hallman's story about the "A" Mountain assault?

Cast your vote below.

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Bill W.
Bill W.

This is what happened and I know this because I heard it from the only credible source. Eli Hallman himself. He has been struggling with addiction and been put in many compromising situations that, as an addict myself, know all too well. Eli owed too much money to a drug dealer to be let go. From what I know him and his dealer met at A mountain under the pretext that he was going to be fronted more and the situation turned. The dealer roughed him up and then pushed him off the side, and injured him severely including breaking his jaw. I know this was a bottom for him, but the insanity of this disease is that not even fear of death will stop us addicts. He continued to use but I can say now that he is seeking treatment at an excellent treatment facility. He seems truly exhausted and wants to be done living in constant misery. I have great hopes for him, and his father is there 100% of the way like any father caring for a sick child. He only tried to not make it a matter of public record because this was a family problem and he didn't want to make his problems into dirty laundry for all to bare. Seeing as he is not going to be much in the public eye after his stepping down as mayor I thought it was appropriate to set the record straight.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Who goes hiking at night?    Dumbasses, people who want to hide something, blind people who don't know or care that it's dark, mentally disturbed people who are confused by the big "A" on the hill...thinking that "B" must be on the otherside or someone involved in illegal activity.

billy meyer
billy meyer

can't remember.  no crime scene.  doesn't want to press charges.   this brokeback mountain wannabe needs to tell the truth.  are their marading gangs assaulting people on A mountain or not?


It was the magic bobcats that live on the mountain


Drug deal gone bad?  Didn't a birdy (not a feathered bastard) tell me that the Mayor buried a news story about his son's hijinks a few years back...

Nick Tortajada
Nick Tortajada

Yes, he was assaulted, but his story doesn't make any sense. He left at 9:15PM to go on a night hike. OK. What happened until 2:15AM when the incident was reported? Did he get beat up for 5 hours? Something went down that we will never know about. This will get covered up and hushed up with the quickness I'm sure.

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