Morning Poll -- Stupider Idea For Reality TV Show: Bree Olson's Porn-Star Rock Band or Nik Richie?

"Nik Richie's kinda famous -- so, of course, he needs a reality TV show.
"Bubble-Butt" Bree Olson, porn star/former Charlie Sheen "goddess," just wrapped up filming a reality TV show that recently made a stop in Scottsdale.

It's about a rock band comprised of porn stars who apparently just get shit-faced and fight people. It's described as "a cross between Jersey Shore and Spinal Tap."

Get all the details here.

Just when we though "nobody could possibly come up with an idea for a reality TV show stupider than a porn-star rock band," enter Dirty founder Nik Richie.

Richie, a.k.a. Hooman Karamian, a.k.a. "Corbin Grimes," a.k.a. Mr. Shayne Lamas, has a "plan" for a reality show of his own. It doesn't have a cast yet, or a plot -- or anything but a "working title" -- but it's apparently about Scottsdale's douchebags elite and how douchey interesting they are.

Read all about it here.

Frankly -- while we know people would undoubtedly watch either show -- we can't figure out which idea is stupider. So we want to know what you think -- which is the stupider idea for a reality TV show: Bree Olson's porn-star rock band, or Nik general?

Cast your vote below.

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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

How about one that's produced by a Phoenix police officer's own production company that covers kidnapping arrests in Phoenix while the officer is on the job?    I don't think that kind of corruption should be tolerated.    It's like owning a towing company that gets called after you arrest someone for DUI and you reap the benefits of the charges from the tow company.


We are a country who idolize the ignorant and ill-mannered and it stretches from the flat-earth republicans to the "Jersey Shore"


Great. A reality Tee-Vee show about a no-nothing douche bag in a town with small but visible population of pretencious women who seek bolt-on tits, Botox and Sugar daddys.


I don't know, the new one coming up on TLC may top them all, Big Hair Alaska,featuring a salon there that Palin made "famous".


A.K.A., Money Drop Productions and the PPD HIKE team? With a cast of characters like El Guapo.

When the hell is Yahner going to nip this in the bud?

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