Elizabeth Johnson Skips Court Again. Hearing Rescheduled Again

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Elizabeth Johnson
Once again, Elizabeth Johnson, the mother of missing baby Gabriel Johnson, was supposed to be in court this morning. Once again, Johnson didn't show up, despite the fact that she's in the custody of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Court officials tell New Times Johnson was supposed to be in court this morning for a hearing to determine whether she's competent to stand trial. Court spokesman Karen Arra says the deputy in the courtroom said Johnson "refused" to attend the hearing.

Judge Paul McMurdie said in court this morning that five doctors have evaluated Johnson, but they are not in agreement as to whether she is "restorable to competency."

McMurdie set a new hearing date for August 11. Johnson, he says, "must" be there.

This is now the fourth time Johnson's refused to show up for court.

In April, the judge told Johnson she "has to be present for a status conference on May 2" -- which is exactly what he told her when she skipped court -- for the second time -- a month earlier.

Last March, Johnson, who's charged with abuse and kidnapping in the December 2009 disappearance of the baby, refused to attend a hearing for motions, including the designation of counsel, which cannot be ruled on without the defendant in court.

Arra told New Times at the time that Johnson opted to stay in jail rather than attend the hearing. The next week, however, Johnson didn't have that option.

Judge Timothy Ryan, who was then hearing the case, rescheduled the hearing, and gave
the Maricopa County sheriff's deputies responsible for transporting Johnson carte blanche when it came to making sure her butt was in the courtroom -- and it was.

According to Arra, Judge Ryan told deputies to use "any means necessary" to get Johnson to court -- and that's apparently the case for her upcoming competency hearing.

Johnson was initially ruled incompetent to stand trial in June of 2010. She was then ruled competent in September of 2010, but in May was ordered to undergo another psychological evaluation, the findings of which will be used to determine whether she's competent to stand trial.

Johnson has been in jail since January after she failed to show up to a December custody hearing.

Johnson, police say, disappeared with Gabriel and went to San Antonio, Texas, where the baby was last seen alive.

While on the run, Johnson sent text-messages to the baby's father, Logan McQueary, saying she had killed the baby and put his body in a dumpster.

She later recanted her claims and said she gave the baby to a random couple she met at a park in San Antonio.

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For up to date info on this case please join the Facebook Groups:NO PLEA DEAL andand the FB set up by Gabriel’s family membersBRING HOME GABRIEL JOHNSON

Go to NPD to read the police record on this case – which DO NOT indicate andevidence that Elizabeth Johnson murdered he child, but more so thatGabriel was the victim of an underground adoption allegedly set up byTammi Smith and Jack Smith. Why Jack has not been charged with anythingis beyond my comperhension. They are both guilty in my opinion.

For those that you believe Gabriel was killed at the hands of his mother, here is some food for thought:

Why did Elizabeth Johnson (EJ) go through the trouble of leaving the state of AX and driving several hours ALONE with a 7 month old just to go to Texas to kill her child?

Why kill your child in a state that believes in the death penalty, why not travel to a state that does not have that harsh of a punishment?

Why hire a babysitter while you are on the run with your child if your intent is to kill him?

Why go to several shelters seeking help if your unltimate plan was to get “get rid of the problem” by killing him? She did not want to kill him she wanted to adopt him out!

Why not kill the child and be done with it? Why drive all those hours alone with an infant then stay in TX on the run – heightening your risk of being located – keep the baby with you for the duration of your stay in TX, just to hop on a bus about 6 days later without your child. Perhaps because that is how long it took for the paperwork for an adoption to take place?

Who did she meet in the hotel room…..with Gabriel! Perhaps the perspective new parents?

Why was Gabriels body never recovered in either the AZ or TX searches? Why do the police reports not indicate in any way that a murder took place, but on the contrary have hundreds of leads that point towards Tammi Peters Smith (TPS) – which even EJ stated set up the meeting at Raymond Rimkus Park when Gabriel was handed off to these strangers just prior to hoping on the bus ALONE headed for FL.

If Gabriel was killed, the murder would have had to of taken place late Dec 26th early Dec 27th. Gabriel was spotted on a Park Camera, so LE know he was alive up until the 26th, Oh, and let’s not forget the pizza delivery boys. So, how is it possble that TPS could call Logan McQueary – Gabriel’s father – and state – or better wordered coerce – him into signing over his rights to her and her husband Jack Smith if he wanted EJ to return with Gabriel If Gabriel was dead, their would be no way EJ would bring back his body, admitting to the crime of murder AND no need to sign over his parental rights.

Also, int he police report, can’t remember the tip number off hand, but it stated TPS called LE to say she thinks she knows where Gabriel is – ONE JANUARY 2nd! FIVE DAYS AFTER the handoff – of as some believe the killing. She stated it would take 5 days to bring him back. WHY 5 DAYS???? Because it takes 10 days for the paperwork to go through for the adoption, which would make it hard for Logan to regain custody of Gabriel. Why would you have to wait 5 days to bring home a murdered child?

See, their are many reasons several of us believe Gabriel Scott Johnson is alive. Although EJ is a liar and has stated 1) she killed him and 2) she gave Gabriel to strangers in the park, she has never recanted the stranger story, but has recanted the murder confession. The story of the park has always remained consistent. Lastly, on the day of the handoff, their was ELEVEN phone calls between TPS, JS and EJ around 10:00 a.m. – the time the hand off was to take place. Remember EJ stated TPS set up this hand off. Why the phone calls, Because EJ was being told where to go, how to get to the park and whom to look for. About 5 mins after the hand off JS called a relative of his – why? To confirm everything went smoothly perhaps? The same person he was talking to at the same time EJ was talking to TPS. Coincidence I THINK NOT! Gabriel IS alive. Please do not write him off as dead. Please do not make him a statistic. We need to bring this child home to his daddy. It has been far to long.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Who the hell thinks she's beautiful?   She looks like somebody stepped on the top of head and now she's a freaking elf.


Maybe she treated Arpaio "Kindly" and he's just returning the favor.  I'm guessing this woman is afflicted with paraphilia with accompanying loss of mental acuity and due to her mental disorder she is probably being taken advantage of (i.e., "passed around") by the deputy guards at the Jail she is housed in.  In other words, the guards are probably too busy getting their rocks off with her to bring to the courthouse on time.  With the demonstrated lack of professionalism which is the standard under Sheriff Arpaio's leadership, I would expect nothing less than the most base of behavior to occur.

Johnny Skee Mask
Johnny Skee Mask

I supposed the Flaccid Fool is afraid to use force on a beautiful girl, especially if that girl is White. That would be a bad publicity move for him, if the majority here are White people. Likewise,  it was noted when Johnson was first incarcerated in the joker's gulag, that he himself treated her too kindly and gave her a thumbs up for good behavior.

Maybe he still thinks that way?


This chick is crazy....what kind of person makes up that sort of a story and then gets rid of the baby?  You would have to be mentally unstable to some degree.


What does race have to do with any of this? leave it to a black to pull the race card

Jason M.
Jason M.

"Maybe he still thinks that way?"

No one has ever said the Flaccid Fool of MCSO thinks before he does or says anything, why would this situation be different? In this case, a judge is granting permission to use reasonable force to get a defendant to court.

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