Citizen Calls 911, Helps Catch Three Suspected Car Burglars in Chandler

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Leo Macias, 19, was booked on suspicion of burglary after a fast-thinking witness called police.

This is one of the upsides to mobile phones:

An astute witness' prompt call to 911 early yesterday morning after seeing some punks breaking into a car resulted in the arrest of three teenagers.

The caller told police that the men had broken out the window of a parked car in the 1200 block of West Geronimo Street, then sped away in a white passenger car.

moon cody suspect.JPG
Images: Chandler Police
Cody Moon, 19.

Leopold Macias, 19, Cody Moon, 19, and a third minor teen were nabbed by Chandler police after a brief chase.

The younger teen was released to his mother pending a criminal complaint, police say.

It's as safe bet that mommy's not too happy.

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well the red head is my son and im sure lots of people make mistakes and hopefully he learns from them but that don't make them punks it makes them have poor judgment and im sure the lil teenager is not an angel.i know all three very well and i think this story is made way bigger then what it is. Do they mention Cody moon is mentally ill and hasn't recieved help from the state he has been pushed threw the cracks.i am not saying he was right but i know my sonand he can be a good person he just needs help and now that hes in jail now i can request that help he needs so thank you for catching him.


Well done! Anyone who has had crap stolen out of their car knows how much it pisses you off. 

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