Mark Grace DUI Update: BAC Results Are In and Former D-Back was .128 Tipsy

Scottsdale Police Department
Mark Grace
Bombing around Scottsdale boozed up on "two glasses" of scotch, former Arizona Diamondbacks ballplayer Mark Grace was busted by Scottsdale Police with a BAC of .128, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

The famed former ballplayer, who played four seasons with the D-Backs starting in 2000, was arrested at about 1 a.m. on June 2 by Scottsdale police for driving under the influence.

"If someone says [they had] two drinks it's really more scientific than saying the number of drinks and the BAC matches up," Sergeant Mark Clark, spokesman for the Scottsdale Police Department tells New Times. "It depends on how your body deals with the alcohol. But he was over the legal limit and we treat it as such."

Police noticed 46-year-old Grace's 2009 Jaguar swerving within its lane near North 71st Place and East Shea Boulevard and pulled over the drunken ex-ballplayer.

Grace, who had bloodshot eyes, admitted to having "a few drinks," according to the police report. He didn't have his wallet or license on him and fumbled through the field-sobriety tests.

Cops cuffed him after a field test and took him to a nearby command post for a blood sample and booking.

When asked by the arresting officer how he thought he did on his sobriety test, the report states that Grace replied, with the smell of alcohol on his breath, "Not well enough."

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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

How come he didn't serve his mandatory jail time like the rest of us common folk if we get busted for DUI?    Because he's priviledged and the system is corrupt?   Oh and when is it swerving when it's in your own lane?     If that's the case they better arrest all those people who drive and talk on their cell phones while they wander all over the road and slow down to 40 MPH on the freeway.    They could be drunk too, you never know until they get stopped.

Car !!
Car !!

Actually, he did jail time for a month last Sept./Oct. and was also ordered to rehab.


Because you have to be convicted of a crime before you're sentenced, genius.


A month of jail and rehab also ordered for Gracie.

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