Tempe Man Sets Own Apartment on Fire. Then Blames Blaze on "Bitch" Next Door, According to Police

Jason Moniodis
A Tempe man set his own apartment on fire Friday night, tried to blame the blaze on his next-door neighbor, and then laid down on the ground in front of the burning building and started screaming, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

When police got to the apartment at 1444 South Stanley Place in Tempe, 29-year-old Jason Moniodis was on the pavement in front of the building complaining that he couldn't breath.

Next door, police located his neighbor, Nicole Curley, who said Moniodis dropped by her place earlier in the evening. She said she wouldn't let him in and told him to leave because he was "always bothering her."

Moniodis left, but not for long -- about 10 minutes later he returned and broke Curley's kitchen window. Curley looked out of her broken window to find Moniodis standing there, at which point he yelled, "You just started a fire in my house you fucking bitch."

Curley rushed outside to find Moniodis standing in front of his apartment as it went up in flames.

Another neighbor of Moniodis', whose apartment is connected to the alleged fire-bug's, saw him in front of the apartment about 11 p.m. smoking a cigarette and drinking. About 20 minutes later, the man told police, he heard yelling and the apartment was on fire.

Fire officials later determined that the fire was started on purpose, allegedly by Moniodis, when he set a couch and a love seat on fire. According to his neighbors, Moniodis was the only person who lived in the apartment, and he never had visitors.

Moniodis denied setting the blaze, but apparently he wasn't too convincing -- he was booked on one count each of arson, criminal damage, and disorderly conduct. Additionally, he was booked on three counts of endangerment.

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Some guys just don't deal well with rejection. I wonder if some yahoo will start up "Rejection Management" classes?

J Curwen
J Curwen

Might just be off meds. Brewer has cut the hell out of the program that used to keep the mentally ill medicated. To be fair, sometimes patients just go off meds for their own reasons. In any case from the information presented mental illness can't be ruled out.

Triple-6 Gun Mane
Triple-6 Gun Mane

He's the meth-head next door. Tonight, he's in  joKKKer's famous pinkies.


um, am I the only one sensing red flags here?

this dude is both damaged and dangerous, but because he didn't have any pot he'll probably  be right back on the street.


Your crazy he does Not take meds EXCEPT for Epilepsy IDIOT

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