Scottsdale Police Retirees Sue City Over Medical Leave Pay Foul-Up

Ten retired Scottsdale police officers are suing in federal court over tens of thousands in medical-leave pay they claim to have been shorted.

The employees include: former Scottsdale police public information officer Sam Bailey; Bill Zeller (who once made the news for arresting a Scottsdale high school student because he disobeyed an order to stop wearing his hat sideways); former lieutenant Steve Yturralde; Doug McCumber, director of a Scottsdale Fraternal Order of Police lodge; Bill Moloney, former program manager for Scottsdale's photo radar program, and five others.

The federal complaint, which names the city and city manager David Richert as defendants, claims each officer was shorted between $9,400 and $21,505 in pay because the city incorrectly put their accrued medical leave pay in accounts that were taxed too much.  The former cops are now looking for triple damages, plus their attorneys fees.

They say the city admitted to the mistake but refused to correct it.

Besides the officers, there are probably a few boat dealerships that can't wait to win this one.

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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Interesting that they are all management and not street cops.   So, they received their benefits but just not as much as they think they should have.    Join the crowd.     Luckily for them they had enough money to pay an agent of the court to present their case.


Most of them are "management" because they're retired and didn't stay at the street cop level for their entire careers. Most people don't stay at an entry level position if they work the same same job long enough to retire. And for the record, some of those listed, although they served in special assignments, retired at the rank of police officer.

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